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Zaino Group Buy - ON! - Sign Up Now

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Zaino Group Buy - Interested?

Note: This Group Buy Has Ended. Next One ~July.

Hi, folks. Well, I just got off the phone w/Sal Zaino trying to arrange a holiday group purchase. There's good news and bad news:
  • good news: we can do another Group Purchase ("GP")
  • good news: The new ZFX product has just been released
  • bad news: we can't do the GP til January (Zaino doesn't have the additional bandwidth right now due to the new product launch)
In the meantime, I'd like to determine if there's enough interest in another GP @ the beginning of January
(we'd need @ least 20 people, just like last time).

If you're interested, <a href="mailto:[email protected]?subject=zainogp">Click Here to shoot me an email</a> indicating your interest*. When 20+ people have responded (and on January 2) I'll call Sal and get a GP code, then will email you the code w/details of what freebie/discount we get :)

Since we can't squeeze this in before the holidays, maybe we can craft a "Zaino Gift Certificate" that our significant others can give us in lieu of the actual product.:confused:

You can refer to the prior Zaino GP thread** for additional information and FAQs/suggestions, or feel free to ask in this one.

Lemme know!

* if that link doesn't work, send an email to [email protected] with the subject zainogp. This one is NOT an autoresponder like last time; I will send a group email once the details of the GP are finalized (and then will set up an autoresponder for additional people)

** don't click the email links in the old thread -- that email doesn't work anymore

Note: Don't contact Zaino directly re: this yet. We will receive the group purchase number and ordering instructions @ the beginning of January. This go-round is just to express interest.

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Questionsssss from rookie

Hi Worm,
I just picked up my Christmas present last night (02SS), and now I am ready for good tips and deals on car detailings. I have heard and read many nice things about Zaino, but can I ask a few questions regarding GP before I commit?
1. Does this GP only apply to the ZFX product?
2. What are the savings from the GP? How does it work?
3. I read from your earlier thread on Zaino GP, you recommended a few products for beginner, will I be able to get GP price on them now?
4. I have a silver X, what products would you recommend?
5. Does Zaino ship to Canada? Extra cost?

Hope to hear back from you soon.
Have a very Merry Christmas.
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Thanks for the 411.

I am quite excited about putting in my 1st Zaino order. I probably will wait until spring time to use it, winter in eastern Canada is a lot lower than 60 F. At the mean time, should I consider something else to protect the paint?

1 last question, I read from the Zaino site that you do NOT need Z2 if you use ZFX, am I reading it wrong or there are some more behind this general comment?

Once again, thanks Mr. Worm and proskunetes for your helpful tips. Have a wonderful Christmas.

p.s. Mr. Worm, I have emailed you about the GP, I am definitely in!!!!
Hope everyone had great Christmas dinner - just decided to leave the dishes sitting in the sink until tomorrow, my mind drifts right back to my new X.
I went to the Zaino site again, and Worm is correct, ZFX can substitute Z1 but not Z2. I also found on the order form that stated "Canadian order must email xxxx for info." I followed the instruction and found out that there is an offical distributor in Guelph, Ontario which carries all Zaino products, and all Canadian orders should go through this distributor.
Now my question are - will Zaino notify its Canadian distributors and honor the GP? If not, can I bypass the distributor and order direct from Zaino?
Mr. Worm, would you mind find out for me when you finalize the GP with Zaino? Thanks in advance.
Will do. Thanks for your advice.
I picked up a bottle of blue Dawn from Wal Mart yesterday for C$.097 (boxing day sale = about half a US buck), at least I am ready for step 1. :)
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