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Zaino Group Buy Confo + Suggested Items

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I will be sending an email w/a Group Purchase code (and ordering instructions) within the next hour. The group buy is good through January 25. Your orders to Zaino should be postmarked by then. Details and ordering instructions are in the email you'll be receiving shortly.

Click here to let me know if for some reason you do not receive it (or if you haven't yet registered to be included).

Many "newbies" asked for suggestions to get started. Keep in mind that these are suggestions if you're new at can order anything you want in any quantity -- I'm just providing this for those of you who haven't done it yet.

Suggestions For Beginners/Occasional Washers/Waxers
Z1 Polish Lok or ZFX accelerant
You need one of these - it is the base for the "system". Get ZFX if you intend to do multiple coats at a time - for the cRaZy shine - or if you are planning on Zainoing in a cold or very humid climate
Z2 Clearcoat Polish (you can swap Z2 for Z5 if you want to save $; see next)
Z5 Swirl Remover & Polish (esp if you have a dark car; you can sub Z5 for Z2 if you want to save $)
Z6 Gloss Enhancer & Quick Detail Spray
Z7 Car Wash

Suggestions For Enthusiasts
* all of the above, plus:
Z18 Claybar (prep for the whole deal)
Z16 Tire Gloss (good on tires and on flat black exterior trim)

Zaino has a variety of other quality products (leather care, etc) you may be interested in, but I'll leave those up to you -- these are just the "shine" suggestions :)

Quantity Tips
If you're inclined to order mutiple quantities, keep in mind you'll use 2x to 3x more Z6 and Z7 than anything else. And, don't order more than 1 bottle of Z1 -- it lasts forever. Get an extra polish applicator or two -- they work great and eventually wear out.

Additional resources/info
Zaino website
Zaino tips and tricks thread
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Thanks Worm!!!

Thanks for the advice. Since you're 'D Zaino Guru, I'll do just exactly how you specified on your post.;)
BTW apologies to those of you on the list who are now aware of my group-email-challenged status. A bit'o'difficulty with that this morning :rolleyes:
Just an MDX wanna be here. However after reading thru this board the past few months, I thought I'd give Zaino a try. Received my order from Sal last week. Let me tell you, this stuff is FANTASTIC!

For anyone thinking of getting in on this group buy, I would strongly suggest ZFX and F18(claybar). With ZFX, I was able to apply 2 coats of Z5 and 1 coat of Z2 in about 1 1/2 hours! And the claybar picked up contaminates I never thought were there.

The results are amazing. Even my wife commented on how great the car looked. And that's saying something.

Now if I only had an MDX to work on...
Just bumpin' this one up for latecomers. Send in your orders by this weekend if you haven't already...

(tho there is a little slack built in there) :)
Worm, thanks for organizing the group buy. I sent in my order already. This is my first time using Zaino and I am looking forwarding to it.
TheWorm said:
Just bumpin' this one up for latecomers. Send in your orders by this weekend if you haven't already...

(tho there is a little slack built in there) :)
Worm, are you saying that if we have our order postmarked 1-26-02 instead of 1-25-02 we will still be OK to get the group deal? I am sitting here staring at the order form and thinking of ordering one of everything just to try it all, but I have to clear it with the boss first. :D
IXLR8 - Deadline

Yep, that's OK.

In all honesty, Zaino's fairly casual about the GP timing, but wants to get it done in a reasonably short (or at least finite) timeframe (hence the "deadline"). A few orders trailing by a day (or even a few days) is not a major issue and they will get the GP freebie.

Out of courtesy to the Zaino folks (and so we can keep gettin' deals) we need to avoid the "enough already - this is from a month ago!" factor. I would say that orders need to arrive at Zaino no later than the latter half of next week for us to avoid that :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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