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WE FINALLY GOT IT!!! Thank you APPLE Acura of York, Pa!!!
FIVE STARS from this satisfied customer. If you're reading this Acura Corp., increase this dealers allocation they are bound to get more customer.

I know you'll be reading this Brian Par and Greg Kohr...
These guys were great dealing with after my original Sales rep. left the dealer. I was in & out of the dealer as promised (15-20 mins).

Here's what I've done so far...

FINALLY picked up our "X" on Saturday. Long drive to the dealer (2.5 hrs.) but to short a drive back. The trip averaged 25.1 m/gal. (believe it or not). Installed the Burlwood Shift knob that I got from Tim the minute I got to the dealer. Already installed the base rack yesterday (Sunday) that I bought used from one of the member here. Waiting for the Weather Tech mats from Tim.

One word....


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One Word!

I have just one word ... well, two actually:
2nd word ROAD TRIP
opps that's three words isn't it:eek:
In any case have a ball:D

Meep meep

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Do post your experiences in the dealer ratings section. It will certainl help other members when they get theirs.
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