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Well, not sure if my MDX developed a new problem.

I noticed it a few days ago, coincidentally AFTER my dealer fixed the weeping mirrors problem (that, to my surprise, seems to be really fixed [knock-on-wood]) Only front passenger side seems to be affected - which pretty much explains why I am not sure if it was there before or not - I rarely open that door.

Anyway, after a heavy rain, there was a small puddle on the door step. The rubber strip (or gasket, or whatever it is called) that runs around the entire door frame on the inside was wet. The heavy rubber plate on the bottom of the door was also wet on the inside.

Actually, this "problem" then repeated a few days later after another heavy rain. I was "on alert", so the first thing i did was to open that door. Sure thing, there's a puddle.

I am sure I did not drive in the rain, and all the windows were closed.

Well, had to bring my car in the other day so that my dealer could finish fixing the driver's seat. With usual surprise, advisor took my complaint about water, immediately brushed aside any possible connection to the fix of weeping mirrors, and, when I picked up my car, the work order had a conclusion - COULD NOT REPLICATE THE PROBLEM. :mad: - the car did not look like they washed/watered it AT ALL.

The "puddle" was not that big - maybe no more than 2 teaspoons.. Water did not even drip on the floor.

Now, when the next rain falls, I'll be armed with my camcorder.
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