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Hi all, new here.

I just inherited a 2008 MDX (tech/power lift) 203k miles. It was the last new vehicle my late mom purchased. My dad held onto it as a spare vehicle for several years. Original owner, all records, extremely rigorous maintenance.

(I previously owned a 2005 TL, but went on to Volvo P2 T5 wagons)

I travel a ton, work in National Parks in the summer and ski resorts in the winter.

I'd like to put on a Yakima Skybox Pro 12 and a kayak rack. From what I gather, only the Skybox Pro 12 is slim enough to allow a kayak.

The MDX is currently a slicktop. Shall I go with OEM rails? Or Yakima all the way? From what I've read, the OEM crossbars leave much to be desired.

Anyone have any experience?


Tatanka (currently in Wyoming)
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