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To get this out of the way, I have the 06 Nav and Bose system....

Are the antennas on these things pretty crappy or just go bad? I just started subscribing to XM radio, got a free month and somewhat enjoying it, especially for when I have the kids in the car and we listen to the Kids stations and some of the comedy stuff. I can go through a tunnel and it will be fine, but while I am driving and we have clear skies and interfering while on the highway, it will cut out and then display "no signal" It even does that when I am just sitting at a light. It does this about 10 times on my way into the office on a 45 minute drive. If I am unable to resolve the XM radio thing, I don't care if I can install an aftermarket radio.

So far, I have gotten most of the minor issues resolved. Only major thing now is the BT phone connection. I have tried the bake method and that didn't fix it. I don't really care about it much if I am able to accomplish the following:

I really do want to replace the head unit on the bottom underneath the Nav screen with a double din BT capable unit but was informed that I should just leave it alone as it isn't worth that hassle. I did plan on changing out the 4 speakers and add an external amp. I did it with my previous Infiniti that had a Bose amp requiring me to run my own speaker cables to the doors from my external amp. What kind of features would I lose by ditching the stock radio?
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