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XM Radio ?????

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Anybody install an XM radio in their X yet? I have been looking at the Sony and Pioneer units. I am a little concerned over what kind of reception I will get in the NYC area. Also, if someone installed it in their X, would like to know how they did it and pics if possible. Thanks
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Thanks for the picures of your installation. My "X hasn't arrived yet, so I used your pictures today at the audio store to discuss options in my install. I too will be gutting the entire Bose system and starting from scratch with Alpine gear including XM radio, nav system and Boston ProSeries speakers. Have you installed the Boston 10" ProSeries sub yet? Also, are you satisfied with the wattage levels of your 4 channel and sub amp? I'm thinking about going with only a 250w sub amp. Am also considering PrecisionPower amps, but there may not be enough space in the headrest storage area. They are bigger than the JL amps.

If you have some spare time I would appreciate having the measurements of the headrest storage area. It looks like you have a little room to spare. Also, is there any problem with excessive heat retention especially in the summer when there is cargo on top of them?

Thanks in advance.
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Do you have any pictures of the Boston Pro 10 sub install and experiences with manufacturing the enclosure? I would be interested since my X is in the shop now and we'll be using that sub. They are in the second day of the process and it was a real experience to see the interior dismantled. They are nearing completion of the Dynamat Extreme and will be using almost 72 square feet!
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