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XM Radio ?????

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Anybody install an XM radio in their X yet? I have been looking at the Sony and Pioneer units. I am a little concerned over what kind of reception I will get in the NYC area. Also, if someone installed it in their X, would like to know how they did it and pics if possible. Thanks
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XM Radio

I installed the pioneer xm radio. I purchased it at Best Buy and they did the install. Excellent job they did. I had them put the little receiver module come through the change holder under the existing radio. This way it's easy to see and they didn't have to drill any holes. Plus if I want I can slip the unit into the holder and no one can see the unit. The antenna was mounted on the passenger side rear window. I live in Ct and have some dead spots. The sound quality is super. I'm glad I installed this unit.:)
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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