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X5 vs. MDX 2001 MY recalls....

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X5 vs. MDX 2001 model year recalls:

You can look up the safety recalls that have occurred for both vehicles (model year 2001) listed at the NHTSA web site ( ). Whilst the MDX has had no safety recalls, the list of safety recalls for the X5 is so long that the web page reads, "Due to the large number of records returned from the Recalls database, we did not display Defect Summary, Consequence Summary and Corrective Summary description."

In 1989 I purchased a new 735 iL which I owned for 5 years. I had more problems with that car than with all the other vehicles that I have ever owned over the years combined - and I've owned Ford. So I'm not at all surprised by the long list of recalls for the X5; reminds me of the cliche "the more things change the more they say the same".
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MDXLuvr said:
hey dale, can u pull up info on newer Bimmers? how about the new 3 series. I am trying to figure out how much BMW's quality has improved over the last decade.
Consumer Reports has the BMW 3-series as above average reliability since '94. Current grade is "above average," though not "well above average."

The 5-series has been above average since '99, and is also rated "above average" overall.

Shows that it is possible for German automakers to produce good quality vehicles, even if they're not as top-notch as some of the Japanese ones (that tend to get "well above average" scores. But that hasn't applied yet to the German SUV's produced in the U.S., sadly.
Now back to the X5 and its problems...

This missive was posted on the web site:

"Merrily driving on the exit ramp from FDR Drive to the UN Garage (49th Street Exit), when suddenly... all air bags on the driver's side began to pop. Front, Rear, 5 in all. No accident. Did not hit anything. No apparent/obvious reason. Car ground to a halt; will not move - right in the middle of the road. Luckily, I was already close enough to the UN Garage entrance to summon the UN Security Personnel on the radio. Car was pushed aside to allow others to pass. Got on the emergency link and got in contact with BMW Road Assistance. Car was towed to BMW of Manhattan. They are looking it over, and will tell me their findings. Cursory inspections suggests nothing could have caused it. No scratches, no bumps, no nicks, no nothing! Arrrrrgh! "

Another poster replied with:
“I have been reading about this on several other BMW sites as well. Seems to occur occasionally, and is very serious, IMO. If it happened to me, I think I would wreck or have a heart attack. I hope they find the cause and recall all BMWs to fix this. I have never heard of other car manufacturers having multiple spontaneous deployment of airbags. Seems to be a BMW-electronic-glitch-kinda thing, and very serious.
Reporting to NHTSA will allow them to correlate similar reports.”

Apparently, this problem has also occurred on other X5s and this particular incident has just been reported to the NHTSA.
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