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X5 vs. MDX 2001 MY recalls....

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X5 vs. MDX 2001 model year recalls:

You can look up the safety recalls that have occurred for both vehicles (model year 2001) listed at the NHTSA web site ( ). Whilst the MDX has had no safety recalls, the list of safety recalls for the X5 is so long that the web page reads, "Due to the large number of records returned from the Recalls database, we did not display Defect Summary, Consequence Summary and Corrective Summary description."

In 1989 I purchased a new 735 iL which I owned for 5 years. I had more problems with that car than with all the other vehicles that I have ever owned over the years combined - and I've owned Ford. So I'm not at all surprised by the long list of recalls for the X5; reminds me of the cliche "the more things change the more they say the same".
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Ultimate Driving Machine
Ultimate Defective Machinery
Ulitimate Depletion of Money
Ultimate Discrepant Money-burner
Unexpected Deterioration May occur
U Don't Matter

I chastised a reviewer on for his review on the MDX when he had no intention of ever buying one, he just wanted to show that 'it's a nice car' but certainly no equal to the car from the Motherland!

He emailed me back with a wimpy excuse, stating the SLX is an example of Acura's fine products. I told him you are going to have to do better than that the SLX is history and not an Acura product, but a rebadged Isuzu. I said what about the 19 recalls on the X5 against the MDX's 2 recalls for it's first year of production. "Oh, yes I do find that disconcerting too. But except for one problem, ours has been extremely reliable."
He never responded to my query about higher insurance rates, and the outrageous cost of parts and service.
I used to like bimmers a lot, and thought they were the best sports sedan out there. But now they just seem to cost owners more money to run and purchase.
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Somebody did a lot of work on that study!

A friend of mine had a first generation M3 with weird problems.
Things that should never happen to modern automobiles, like the transmission linkage hanging up.
Spark plugs wires are dressed down narrow metal channels, creating a mess as the cables deteriorate and age under heat. It doesn't take much imagination to figure out what will happen in time.

Check out the problems on the alldata's pretty bad!
Just take the link, and from that page you should be able to get the main menu, or just go to
While we are reminiscing, I had a silver '72 2002, that was a joy to drive.
They were so less complicated in those days. And a good thing, because the price of parts was still ridiculous 30 years ago.
It had a marginal cooling system though, as well as a habit of consuming throwout bearings every 30,000 miles.

Ten years later I buy a Toyota Celica GT which granted, is a nice car, but hardly as much fun to drive. I sold it with 143K miles on it, the cylinder head and oil pan still intact from the day it was new. Never burned oil, never overheated. Parts readily available and reasonably priced.
The alternator and clutch went out after 100,000 miles.

That's why when they talk about German engineering, it just falls on deaf ears.
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