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X5 vs. MDX 2001 MY recalls....

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X5 vs. MDX 2001 model year recalls:

You can look up the safety recalls that have occurred for both vehicles (model year 2001) listed at the NHTSA web site ( ). Whilst the MDX has had no safety recalls, the list of safety recalls for the X5 is so long that the web page reads, "Due to the large number of records returned from the Recalls database, we did not display Defect Summary, Consequence Summary and Corrective Summary description."

In 1989 I purchased a new 735 iL which I owned for 5 years. I had more problems with that car than with all the other vehicles that I have ever owned over the years combined - and I've owned Ford. So I'm not at all surprised by the long list of recalls for the X5; reminds me of the cliche "the more things change the more they say the same".
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You know....sometimes you have to think what is the profounding reasons why certain dealerships have a very KEEN focus on service.....

As expected from reading an infinit amount of posts in regards to Mercedes Benz, BMWs and Jaguars...I strongly believe that the reason why they HAVE to have a keen focus on service is because they have products that are NOT reliable. And sometimes...when you are a company that provides SUCH excellent service that even if you experience inferior performance and reliability... the ratio in which you recieve for excellent service sometimes out weigh the quality of the products.

That is just an observation and an opinion of mind...On ther other hand...I have an MDX. The damn thing is reliable as the fire in HELL. So for me...WHO CARES if the service is poor...Cause am gonna hardly ever going to rely on the service..

Anyway...just my perspective.
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