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World's First?? MDX Meet is only TEN days away!

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As my good friend Milano Bambino likes to say, come join in on the "fellowshipping" :p We've got the party room at the Caddyshack reserved just for us, optional off-roading, historical sites to see, beach driving to do, and PRIZES to be given away (thanks to Tim at HoncacuraWorld and other sponsors). AFAIK, this is the world's FIRST EVER MDX meet (somebody please correct me if I am wrong), so don't miss your chance to be a part of it! Details at ( ) or just click on the link in my sig line below.
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According to the weather channel, looks like we will have pretty good weather for the Scrub on Feb. 16th: Partly cloudy, Hi 71, Low 58, UV Index: 6 moderate

I'm curious to see how accurate this ten day forecast is gonna be :p

BTW, those of you who are planning to attend, please bring an FRS radio if you have one.
MDXLuvr said:
hey gator, sorry i won't be able to make it(florida is a little too far for me). How many people from this site are coming?
MDXLuvr, your presence will be missed. I'll have to check my old e-mails, but I think there are at least 6 MDXers planning to attend: me, rvehock, Dakster, O-Town, Lester123, and Stephan. There may be others I have forgotten. I'm hoping MDX'Nole, JLive, and BellTeck can make it too, but I haven't heard anything from them :(
tigmd99 said:
hey all,

I am coming with my puny CRV! Maybe i will reserve a tractor ahead of time just in case GG goes crazy in the mud!

Hope to see you all there!
Hey Thai, have you heard anything about those hitch mounted winches? I was talking to a couple of Jeep guys the other day and they said they think someone sells such a thing for full size hitches. Now that I have my DrawTite, it might be something to consider, just in case :p
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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