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wooltex polishing cloth

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anyone know if i can use wooltex polishing cloth made by turtle wax especially made for clear coat vehicles with the zaino polish i realize that zaino says only 100% cotton cloth for buffing but i wonder if this is thr same, better or worst any feedback appreciated :confused:
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Don't know anything about wooltech by Turtle. I use 100% cotton Royal Velvet for Z2 removal as is recommended by the mfg. However, I DO use a microfiber towel from Griots and Classic Motoring Accessories in Tampa for Z6 removal.

thanks for the reply i think this wooltek is similare to your micro polishing cloth, but i waiting to hear from zaino directly before i use it the products are excellent just finished my first application on my 2 week old 2002 mdx tour w/nav wood meter, wood wheel, wood shift knob, side molding, side steps, tailgate, wheel locks, and the all seaon mats. just got the cargo tray and mesh net to pt in vertical position items from hitting the back hatch if things slide around. can't forget the lower trim in front for the price i paid i can't forget. very happy to see they corrected all the tsb (technical service bullitins) that were posted last year for the 2001 have all been corrected. notice a quieter ride i think they increased insulation and think they thickened the glass this year. have a great holiday to you and family take it easy :D :D
LOL....I don't know if Sal at Zaino would approve of my microfiber cloths or not...they may vary a lot in quality, but the ones I use are fabulous for what I use them for.

Enjoy your MDX, Paul....happy MDXing.....ho ho ho:D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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