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Wisconsin Dealers

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I have been lurking on this site for months, but I just picked up my Silver Touring MDX last night, so now I feel like part of the group. Thanks to all whose questions and feedback provided knowledge about the MDX and a fix while I waited for mine to arrive.

I got mine at Acura of Brookfield (near Milwaukee,WI). The experience was very smooth. Ordered it in February, they said it would arrive in June or July so I was thrilled when it came in May. MSRP and no pressure to buy any additional options. No surprises at closing and it's in my garage.

The same owners have another dealership in Madison, WI and I believe those are the only Acura dealers in the state. Anyone else from Wisconsin on
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Not in WI, but close: Gurnee IL. Picked up the Mistress X on the 8th of May. Congrads!

Positive exp there too. We should try to establish a regional club too, for WI, MI, IN, and IL.

We will have several trips to WI and MI over the summer in ther new Mistress X.

I love her and will spoil her rotten.
Us too!

We, too, just got our MDX from Acura of Brookfield and had a great experience. They didn't even get huffy when I told them I'd found a cheaper place to get our accessories (hondacuraworld) so I was deleting them all from our order (except the running boards, which we had them put on). Our salesman was really patient and responsive, even when I was crabby on our first test-drive because I was so sure I didn't want an SUV. This was the first time I have ever executed a car transaction myself - they sure made it easy.
Congratulations to all

lance said:
...Positive exp there too. We should try to establish a regional club too, for WI, MI, IN, and IL...
Are you sure we folks in Illinois would want to join forces with our neighbors? Well, maybe if they bring some Grey Poupon along to our gatherings it would be Ok.:D:D

Also if you don't include MN, ghost is going to feel left out especially since elf89 is a fellow silverinian. It's some type of northern tier bonding thing.:D:D

Oh, I almost forgot, a hearty Midwestern welcome to our midst elf89, mominwis, and lance. :)
Thanks for the welcome

I am all for a grouping as remery described, including MN - where would we be without the state that brought us Post-It notes and Bob Dylan?

But, being new to this, I don't know what a club does. Do we all meet in the geographic center of our state cluster, park our MDXs in a circle and do tribal ceremonies in the middle?
Here's an idea

Us upper Midwesterners should probably contact Daniel, the administrator and find out how to set up a regional forum and then have a roll call to find out how many of us are interested. Probably somewhere along I-294 would be a logical meeting spot but that could be determined later. I will contact Daniel and see what has to be done to get this going.
Good to hear from my fellow midwestern MDXers. Thanks for taking the lead on trying to get us organized, Remery.
I’ll be with all you midwesterners in sprit. All I can do is bring a picture of my MDX. You see, I travel often to WI on business to visit a printer that does all my manufacturing. Know of Acura of Brookfield as I normally stay at the Wyndham Garden Hotel on Bluemound Road. Went to this dealership back in February out of sheer boredom. Not a lot to do in Brookfield! They we’re very nice and I was able to view a brochure the salesman had available.

Everyone’s so nice in the Milwaukee area. Good restaurants there too. Jake’s, Mr. B’s and Joe Armelis Meat "N" Place in Stone Bank.

Looking forward to my next trip out to America’s dairy land.
In between guy

Hi.. I'm in between Milwaukee and Chicago (Kenosha). I'm in the midst of looking for an MDX right now. Tough choice between Pauly Acura in Highland park and Brookfield. I'll probably end up at Pauly because they are only 15 minute from where I work. Been lurking on the boards while I decide. Now I just have to wait (6 months.. groan)

Mike (Redmac)
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