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windshield washer jets -- problem?

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Been driving my new black on black (excuse me, I mean ebony...) MDX for a week now and love it so far. One problem, though: when I use the windshield washer I noticed that the jets only squirt the fluid about 1/2 way up the windshield. Is this a design flaw or peculiar to my X? Anyone know how to adjust these jets?

Any and all assistance most appreciated...
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Runs up windshield..

Any '03 owners have this problem.
My '03 passenger side jet spray fluid near the bottom of the windshield. On the part of the window that is not hit by the wiper. The problem is that once it hits (and loads) fluid on this spot, once you stop the wipers the fluid runs up the windshield. It's not just a little dribble, its a couple of full lenght streaks.
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