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Windshield replacement

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Has anyone had to replace their winshield yet? I got hit twice on the windshield within 100 miles! The bullet hole crack has now spread to a nice S shaped foot long crack. I am going to at least ask for an Acura windshield. Is there any other issues I should be aware of?
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Sorry to hear that. But, you are not alone. Check out this thread:

Sorry to here that. There are Windshield companies out there...but if you elect to go with them..I do know that the glass is thicker and maybe perhaps help with the windnoise...HOWEVER...You will lose the Honda barcode that is etched on the windshield and you will also not get that Cool HONDA logo.

As for getting the original equipment replaced..It is EXPENSIVE by going with a dealer...So..there you have it...find out what your insurance deductible is...if its $250.00..GREAT! You will come out ahead but if its $500.00...It like a double sided up to you.
Thanks guys. I think the one positive is that the new windshield might reduce the cabin noise. I also found out that my deductable is only $100. Thanks again.
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