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windshield gripe

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First off - let me say that I am a big fan of the MDX and have a black Touring Package on order. My only complaint after a recent drive (and something I'm having a hard time shaking) is the feel I get from the cockpit. The long dash and big windshield feel very mini-vanish to me. I realize this is an Odyssey platform, but it sure feels like the front of the vehicle / dash was not significantly retooled. Has this bothered anyone else? Other than that, love the looks, quality, etc.. - well, wouldn't mind an auto lumbar support instead of the knob, but a very minor issue.

Will likely test drive again. I did order the lighter interior and maybe that has something to do with it. Also contemplated silver with the dark interior.
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You are right! Have had mine since Nov, my wife is the primary driver. It does take some getting used too. Try to casually reach to the top of the dash, what a stretch! So putting one of the dancing Hula girls or head bobbing dogs is more difficult. Never mind the suction note pads and other devices. The other: width and the fact that the nose drops off with no corner reference.

Other than that, fantastic auto! We have a '95 Legend LS, '98 3.2 TL and a '92 Montero SR. I love the Legend, but the X has been most gratifying! You won't regret it. (Hammer the accelerator at 45 MPH and the V-Tech will sing to you, you'll know you made the right purchase!)
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