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windshield gripe

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First off - let me say that I am a big fan of the MDX and have a black Touring Package on order. My only complaint after a recent drive (and something I'm having a hard time shaking) is the feel I get from the cockpit. The long dash and big windshield feel very mini-vanish to me. I realize this is an Odyssey platform, but it sure feels like the front of the vehicle / dash was not significantly retooled. Has this bothered anyone else? Other than that, love the looks, quality, etc.. - well, wouldn't mind an auto lumbar support instead of the knob, but a very minor issue.

Will likely test drive again. I did order the lighter interior and maybe that has something to do with it. Also contemplated silver with the dark interior.
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Great view indeed, but those thick a-pillars played a couple of tricks on me - I nearly ran over 2 pedestrians !!! (that's 2 individual incidents :( x 1 pedestrian each ) during left turns. It happened during early going - ever since then I make it a rule to look "around" the a-pillar.
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