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Hey guy i was wondering if anyone know where i can find the wire diagram for & 09 mdx driver side window regulator?
oh which 2 pins i have to jump with a ground & voltage for it to work?

on the harness their is 3 16 gauge wire, blue,yellow. & 3 18 gauge wire, grey,white,brown & pink. when i back probe the yellow wire while its connected & press the switch i get 12 vlots of the yellow wire with switch press down, i also hear the relay module click. when i press the switch up i hear no click from the relay module nor do i get 12 volts on the blue wire. on the 4 18 guage wire i get no continuity for a ground but i do get 12 volts on the pink wire. I need to know which to pins should i check for continuity to see if their is not a broken circuit which will be the same 2 pins i can apply ground & vlots to move the regulator. thanks
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