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Wind Pulsation Wobbles The Brain

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Anyone else get that mind blowing, ear drum pulsing wind oscilation when only the passenger side rear window is down? Got surprised by this yesterday..... If you haven't experianced this, you're in for a treat. Lower the rear passenger side window fully (keep all other windows shut), and drive to about 40mph...... definately something you won't want to do again. I can't imagine this is just my MDX..... would like to hear from others.
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There have been similar complaints in the Edmunds RX300 forum. SUV's just aren't designed to drive around with windows open in certain configurations.
WInd pulse noise

I have that same noise in my Infinti. Doens't bother me too much (frankly I hardly notice) but my wife just about wants to kill me if I do it.
It's not just SUV's. I've had this happen in previous cars (non-Acura) that I've owned. And, you're right, wmquan, it always depended on a specific configuration of the windows - but, come to think of it, it did always seem to occur when only the back windows were being used.
I've had the same situation in my Maxima. Definately not just an SUV or MDX problem.
My Lexus GS300 does the same thing, however, in my infinite wisdom, I've learned not to do

Agreed, it can happen in any vehicle. I think it's easier to accomplish in an SUV than, say, a compact because of the air volume and mass of an SUV. You hit a certain "resonance" a lot easier.

Referring back to the Edmunds complaints, I remember the RX300 owners howling in dismay over the howl. Classic case of "doctor, it hurts when I do that" and "well, then don't do it!"
This happens in my 99 Explorer with the rear passenger windows down. If you crack the driver's or passenger's window just a bit, the pulsation noise ceases. Must be an air pressure thing... :(

From my experience, it seems like all 4 doors have this "feature." My RX7 does it, but only at high speeds.
I tried this today and got the noise as well. My partner got this same noise in the Maxima with the sun roof open. As others have stated, you'll hear this in many cars depending on the "open window" configuration.
I'll join the bandwagon

I too notice the noise when the rear window are open. Had exactly the same thing in my Yukon. We freqently put the rear windows down when our dog in the back to give him air. This pulsating sound has something to do I believe with the rear wheel wells and expansion joints or other seams in the pavement. Our pooch doesn't seem to mind the sound so we put up with it. Nowhere near a unique problem, as wmquan stated, to the MDX.
I think It's air entering through the openings in the rear view mirrors where the drips come from, unless you are getting a thud resonance at certain speeds. Is this the source of complaints about excessive wind noise? Maaybe you shoud remove your roof racks.
Soda Bottle Effect

Just blow across the top of an empty Coke bottle ... then imagine a dinosaur picking up your MDX with one window open and getting a giggle out of doing the same thing.

Every car I've owned did it with some combination of windows and speed ... usually around 40mph. I think it's cool! I do it on purpose some times to freak out passengers :)
Re: Soda Bottle Effect

lombarmj said:
...I think it's cool! I do it on purpose some times to freak out passengers :)
Have you ever considered therapy?:D:D
HA! Obviously didn't work, did it
windown noise

I have the same problem. When all windows are up except the back rear drivers window, I get this awful sounding wind vibrating noise. I thought it was our caar but thanks to this website I realize I am not the only one
That is hilarious. I notice that same thing last night and was driving me crazy. Just went out to X to realize that I must have accidently lowered the rear window a crack while vinylexing my X yesterday. :rolleyes:
I have the EXACT same problem as described by basshook, and only with the rear passenger window.

very irritating sound.

:25: :25: :25:

only happens sometimes, depends on the direction travelling and the wind direction that day.....I guess
I actually also get the same thing too when I drive my Jetta. With only the rear left passenger window, I get the pulsation, which is actually incredibly painful. I think this happens with most cars, as I had this happend on all my four door cars. (TL, MDX, Jetta, Volvo).
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