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manus1980 said:
Rims measure 18”x8.5” with a 5-120 bolt pattern and a 48 mm offset. Tires are michelin energy all season 255/55/18. If these rims do fit, what kind of ride will it give me compared to the touring rims I have now?

I may be wrong but, I think the MDX bolt pattern is 5-114.3. Also, that 48 mm offset might be to high for the 8.5. I've been doing alot of research on after market wheels and 18x8.5 should fit as long as you have an offset of +35mm - +42mm. The 48mm might rub inside somewhere. See DubbedSS' MDX. He has 20x8.5 wheels with 295/40/20 tire (I think). But his offset is +34mm only. See MDXplosion's setup as well. The higher the number you go your wheel will seat more inside. The lower the number it goes outside. Call around...

Hope that helps.
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