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Who's still waiting

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Looks like a few expectant MDXers have received their special delivery in the last week or two.

Who is still waiting and for what?

I am waiting for a SS Touring, hopefully in early February. I'm half way through the wait, but the latter half will probably seem twice as long:p

So I should be having XMAS all over again in February:D
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Painfully, agonizingly, faithfully, longingly--but patiently--still waiting.

As I've noted elsewhere, it looks like my dealer's allocation is a bit thin. Ordered in August. Now only one GG premium ahead of me on his list, and he still thinks I'm looking at February at the earliest.

In reality, that's no bid deal. Just put the snows on the Volvo wagon, so I'm defeating winter in my own way for a couple more months.

Tell me I'm not alone...

- ablank
Still here

Yeah, I'm still waiting too. Deposit in mid-Sep for a White '02. I have a build date of 12/12-12/16, so I'm praying for a 'white Xmas' (although we did get our first real snowfall of the season yesterday--- was REALLY wishing I had my X :) )
1st Choice: Granite green
2nd Choice: Mahagony
3rd Choice: Satrlight Silver

Put deposit @ one dealer on 10/01 for 3/02 delivery (eta)
another dealer @ 10/27/01 for 1/02 Delivery (eta)

2nd delaer called and told me I was on the "board" did not have a chance to ask him what does being on the "board" mean since I was rusching to a meeting.

Definitely Not Alone

Still waiting for a SS w/ nav that was ordered back in early April. Build date range is 12/11 to 12/15 and the dealer said delivery is usually 7 days after that.

Hopefully it arrives before Christmas.

(When all is said and done, the wait will be close to 8 months)
also waiting

My wife and I just put a $1000 non-refundable deposit on a red rock base model last week, and we were given a february delivery. I was able to negotiate $200 off MSRP to cover the cost of the 7500 mi. service. Luckily, we didn't have to order any options, although the sales person did offer a "protection package" including rear mudguards, wheel locks, and cargo tray for $219. We are dealing with Acura of Dayton,OH.
Does anyone know how far in advance of the build date the dealer obtains the VIN? I ask that only to try to finalize financing thru my credit union, (which is currently 4.75%!).

Placed an order on Nov2001. Delivery will be late spring.......
Boston Blues

Still waiting for my GG. Deposit placed on April 5th. Awaiting imminent call from dealer with ship date.
Deposit in October on the X described below. Oh, the humanity....:(
Getting close now

Mine is scheduled to be built between 12/15 and 12/19. So, I won't get it for Christmas, but maybe before 2002!!!

I've been waiting for so many months that I've managed to keep myself from getting too anxious. As the date gets nearer, though, it is becoming increasingly difficult.
I still think my dealer is jerking me around. I thought they weren't when they told me that I would have my X by early December. Here I am all excited and anxious for my new arrival, so I cleaned out the garage to make room for the new baby. And guess, its been quite a few days into December and still no word about built dates or arrival time. Is it normal for dealers to not be able to be able to give a definite confirmation from week to week? I'm always told something different, I guess this should have been the clue that they are jerking me around. :mad: GRRRR-ARRGH!!! Frustration is setting in really quick, cause we had plans to do some travelling over the holidays with the kids. Now it seems like those plans are a bust!!

What should I do, I don't want to cancel because then I'll be placed on another ****ty list and have to go through this whole ordeal again. Unfortunately for me, waiting is just not one of my skills.:rolleyes: I am annoyed more than anything:rolleyes: .

What is the average wait time in Canada? (between deposit & delivery).

What's on order:
The Canadian SS 2002 with side steps and a bunch of inside assessories.

I would show you a picture, oh wait, its still not here!!:mad:
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I could not wait. The wait up here in Boston is 6 to 8 months depending on the dealership. There are many dealerships that have no wait or maybe a couple of weeks max. I located Proctor Acura in Tallahassee FL and contacted them. They said they had one arriving in two weeks. That was about three weeks ago. I flew down last Friday and picked up my new SS and drove it back to Boston. For those that can not wait or live in that area, check them out. My Salesman's name was Criss. They were incredible. They picked me up at the airport drove me back to the dealership and I was on the road back to Boston in two hours. It would have been much shorter than two hours but that southern hospitality was overwhelming for a northern boy. Even though they new I was driving back to Boston, I was taken around to meet everyone and they were just so friendly and courteous. The best experience I ever had purchasing a vehicle. They even offered me lunch! I'll be posting a very positive comment in the dealerships forum but just wanted to share my experience. By the way, MSRP plus they added wheel locks, mud guards, and cargo tray at no additional charge.
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Getting close?

I've had a deposit at Stevens Creek Acura for about three weeks on a Mahogany 188. Got a call Saturday that one came in, they hadn't yet heard from the next purchaser but if they didn't hear from him by Sunday it would be mine. He /she did end up purchasing, but supposedly I'm next on the list and they may have one coming this week. It wasn't clear whether they'd be taking delivery this week or whether they'd have confirmation of a build date - I'll have to check back.

Stevens Creek charges MSRP + ~1200 for running boards, wheel locks, and mud flaps (or about a $600 markup). Anyone had any luck getting them to discount these to standard levels?


Congratulations on your expected 'X. tjwid had mentioned that he was able to negotiate on the accessories. You can try to show them Tim's prices and negotiate. Also, do try to get the car from a couple of other places, you might have a better chance. Negotiating on a Mahogany is easier than others.

I'm not sure about Stevens Creek but got my side step installed for $830 from Sunnyvale. Running boards cost the same as side step. They will try to charge you 2-3 hrs. of labor for installing the running boards, mud guards, and wheel locks. They will also claim that the labor is much higher in the valley so that they can't match the price on the Acura website. But then that was a month ago.

Good luck with your purchase.
GCK wrote:

Negotiating on a Mahogany is easier than others.
:mad: Are you saying Magogany is less desireable than the other colors?!? ;)

Color is a personal issue. I was offered Mahogany (by 3 different dealers) before my color preference was offered. This led me to belive that they are more available than the other colors. Personally, I did not want the Mahogany, so I had to pass.
Sent my $500 deposit today to Zimbrick Acura (Middleton, WI). Am getting Touring at MSRP. We discussed a number of options, but won't need to decide until a week or two before delivery to the dealer.

Salesguy mentioned a factory down south is opening early, and should speed things up eventually - not sure this will help me much. Anyone know much abt this?
nikonf said:
... There are many dealerships that have no wait or maybe a couple of weeks max. ..
During my wait time I was able to locate MDX out of state, mostly at higher than or equal to MSRP. This leads me to believe that dealers have reserved cars for themselves to sell for higher price and do not give them out to people who are on the wait list. :mad:

I eventually bought at my local dealer after a 90 days wait. That was about the extent I was willing to wait myself. I cannot believe people can go any longer than that, but it seems that they are doing it. IMO, the review off the Cars and Drivers are very accurate.. All the good things still give the excitement of driving. And some limitation mentioned in the article are really minor. Hope you all get your car quickly..

Not sure of the accuracy of this, but my dealer told me that they don't expect the Carolina plant to go to full capacity until next Fall. They expect about 5000 Ody's to be built there over the year, freeing up room for about the same number extra MDX's to be built in Canada. My dealer is still projecting long waits (8 - 10 months) until that plant is at full cap.
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