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Who's got the best Cell phone and Mount??

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Wish the Acura held a Cell phone similar to the BMW or Benz built right in. I would pay for that option in a minute. WHo has a nice clean mount. Looking for hands free, No stuff hanging from my ears to dabble with. Does anyone have that thing that puts the calls thru the FM radio or is that similar to the Clapper. LOL

Lets see some pics of your mount and why you like it.

8 hrs away from picking up our Silver MDX Yah HOOOO.
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Click the link in my sig line...IMO this is the best non-permanent mounting alternative...

Roadrunner has a permanent mount that's well done, too.
Permanent Car Phone

I opted for a more powerful, longer range permanent car phone - Motorola 4500 Car Phone - ($100 installed at Alltel) over a handheld cell phone. The disadvantage is that you can't take it with you when you leave the car. The advantage is much greater range and coverage (especially compared to a digital cell phone). Even though some of our travels have taken us to remote areas far from major towns and highways, we are almost never completely out of range. The larger antenna and 3 watts vs. 1/30th watt power makes a big difference especially in remote areas where a phone might be most important. What good is an emergency phone if you can only call for help when you are in a city or on a Interstate. Twenty miles up a back country dirt road at night is when I want my phone to be available. Also the larger speaker and permanently installed microphone allow all passengers to talk and hear clearly even at highway speed. I'm very happy with this choice. DETAIL & PICTURES

Meep Meep
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I went with the best of both worlds. I have the Motorola V series 60c phone ( ) and I had the professional hands free kit installed in my 'DX. ( ). It works like a charm. There is a hands free mic mounted just above the rear-view. There is a speaker hidden away behind the center console of the dash. The system automatically lowers the radio volume when activated. Plus there's a window mount low profile antenna that gives me 3 full watts of power identical to the permanent installed phones. When I get in the the car, I drop the phone in the cradle and it begins to rapid charge the battery. The phone automatically rings over it's own speaker. The beauty of it is that I take my phat phone with me whe I get out.

The install job was very nice. I will post pics as soon as I get home from this business trip.
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Does anyone have a hands free kit they like for the Samsung 8500 or the n200? These are phones that my wife and I own and will be installing one of them in the MDX (if it ever shows up).

I really like the panavise mount (thanks Worm!), but I haven't seen a hands free kit for our phones that I like.

Thread Reactivated!

Just got my MDX, trying to figure out how to mount my Nokia hands free car kit and had a few questions. Worm -- do you find the phone too far away from the driver's seat where you have it mounted? And FengMD, do you have Navi? If so, how does the cell phone radio mute work? In other words, the cell phone mutes the radio, but so does the Navi voice. So does the Navi voice get muted by the phone as well? Also, would love to see pictures of your install.

And would love to hear if anyone else has come up with other interesting solutions.

Thanks all!
Re: Thread Reactivated!

misterjon said:
Worm -- do you find the phone too far away from the driver's seat where you have it mounted?
Not at all -- just right. Still love it. Highly recommended. mjaime and phinphan have the Panavise mount, too. You might check in w/them via PM (if they're not checking this thread) re: how it's working out for them.

I too have the Panavise mount for my X. Like Worm says it is just right distance. Looks like a part of the MDX :D .
CCM FM Navigator

I got the CCM FM Navigator for my Nokia 8260. It's excellent! It gives you the option to put it through the FM radio on 88.3 and mutes the radio on that frequency when you hit the toggle to pipe the sound through the radio. It comes with a microphone, that I wired out of sight right on the steering column behind the steering wheel (I just used scotch tape). When you don't use the FM radio, it has a built in speaker that's excellent. It also comes with a extender, so I can put it at the level to the top of the radio. Works very well, and I got it on eBay for $57.99 including shipping. Couldn't get cheaper and easier than that. I think they do have it for the Samsung 8500. Check their catalog at They even have one now with a third option of using a rechargeable wireless headset. It's on eBay for $85.


I have the CCM as well for my Star Tac. I plan to use it on my X when it arrives (hopefully two weeks and counting).

I have been using it on my Accord Coupe. I did not use the external mike because I could not figure out an acceptable way to wire it in. With out the mike I need to speak rather loudly. The speaker feature however works great.

I was psyched reading your thread and wondered if you could post some pics?

Are you using the extension that came with the CCM?

Any details on how you wired the mike would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

P.S. I will post how mine works once I get Xed.:)
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I'll try to take some pics when I get a chance, but basically, I do use the extender. This way the phone sits higher. The way I've "wired" the mic, is just to put it through the opening on the bottom of the center console (place to put little things in front of the shift knob) - just use some tape to put it out of site, then route it down towards the accelerator. There you can hide the wire behind the bottom part of the plastic dash, and bring it up again towards the steering wheel. The steering column actually is set so it sits with a 1/4 inch opening from the dash, you can hide the wire in the opening and then tape the mike so it's right behind the steering wheel on the flat square surface. I've just used 3M tape at this point, but I think some electrical tape will make it even more invisible. Hopefully it's clear. If not I'll just try to take some pics.

Thanks for the info.

It seems to make sense, but seeing as I don't have my X yet I can't say for sure. If you have time some pics I'm sure would help. Build date is 3/25 so I should be able to do it in a couple of weeks. Can't wait. Thanks again!:)
I had a hands free kit installed for my Nokia 8260. They hooked it so it always has power. The microphone is above the driver's window to the left and the antenna is mounted on the right hand inside corner of the front windshield. I went with this mount because I wanted the 'phone closer than the other mounts would allow.

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That's a very nice setup. How much did it cost you?

As promised attached are the pics of my CCM FM Navigator.


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You can see that there is a button with 88.3 on the lower part of the mount. When it's depressed the audio comes out of the built in speakerphone. When it's pressed, I tune to 88.3 (programmed as a preset station on my radio) and the audio can be heard through the speakers. It's very clear.


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I wired the microphone alone the ridge on the lower part of the dash.


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towards the steering wheel


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Note that I just use good old electrical tape. I finally mount the microphone behind the steering wheel. I find it to be a very natural location for me to speak into. I've tested the microphone even for the passengers in the 2nd row, and the voice does get picked up also.

This was a pretty good solution for $54.00


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As you can tell from the pics, the reason I liked this solution was it kept things pretty clutter free with no real "long" hanging telephone cords.


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I just read an article on the Mobile Entertainment magazine and they had a good review on the Cellport Voice Command 3000. Everything is voice activated. They really liked it and said it worked well. Looks clutter free also, and I don't think you can beat it in terms of safety.

You can find it at:

It's on the pricey side at $279, but may be good for people that use their phones a lot on the road.


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