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White Xmas!!

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I picked up my TW MDX this morning, making the wait exactly 3 months. For once, I actually enjoyed the fact that my dealer is 2 hours away--- gave me ample time to enjoy the ride on the way home ;)

I'll post pics in the gallery in a bit, but here are some of my first impressions.

1. It's definitely more luxurious and beautiful than I remembered from when I test drove the X 3 months ago. Funny how your mind can distort things in your head, given enough time.

2. I'm SO SO SO glad I got the Nav. I had ALMOST changed my mind because the honda site that shows what detail coverage is available had only 2 cities in upstate NY listed--- neither one of which is my city. So I didn't expect to be able to get much usage out of the Nav for a while. Just for the heck of it, I tried it out where I live....Much to my surprise, there actually IS decent coverage in my city. Go figure!

3. I have noticed the brake hissing others have mentioned, but I've already tuned it out (or play my music loud enough where I don't care) :)

4. Thankfully, I have not noticed any sounds of liquid sloshing around in the back. I was REALLY worried about that given others' mentioning of it.

5. I do find the ride to be very quiet and smooth....Even at 70-80mph.

6. I love the tight turning radius it has. I never tested the RX300 (didn't like its look), but I understand this is a plus over the Lex. When I made a u-turn, it felt as tight as in my Integra.

7. Call me crazy, but I think the stereo sounds great-- and I only have the Premium MDX-- not Touring. I was paranoid it would sound like crap given some of the reviews on this site, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Lastly, I'm already enjoying the looks I've been getting. Just this evening as I was leaving the grocery store and approaching my X, I overheard a man tell his wife in passing "Oh it's an Acura!!"-- like they had been trying to figure out what it was until they walked behind it and saw. Made me grin from ear to ear. :D

In short, I'm very glad I waited for what I really wanted and passed on the Lexus, BMW, and MB. Thanks to everyone here for providing information that kept me in the know about the MDX, the process for getting one, and how to keep the dealer in check. This site is a god-send!
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Congratulations on the MDX!
Reading your post makes the long wait worth while all over again. Possibly a dumb question, but where exactly is that site that tells the depth of coverage the nav system has in different areas? I can't seem to find it. Thanks
cca said:
Congratulations on the MDX! ......where exactly is that site that tells the depth of coverage the nav system has in different areas? I can't seem to find it. Thanks
No problem. Here's the website.

By the way, with regard to your long wait, did you check with Roger Womack to see if he has a shorter wait than May 1st? I have no idea how far Portland is from you, but I thought I recalled that his wait was nothing like what you're experiencing. I could be completely wrong. Here is his allocation report.
Hey congrats, dmyles! I know you've been hanging on the site for a while - welcome to the other side of the fence! And just in time for Christmas, what a deal! Enjoy! :D:D
Thanks for the link! I was glad to see my home area made the new and expanded list. Though the list is odd. It includes small Oregon towns, but leaves out some of the larger metropolitan areas. The Oregon list even contains Washington towns such as Vancouver, and Washougal. It appears who ever put the list together failed geography class, but what ever, I'm glad to see I'm covered.
I've see the links for Roger Womack but I purposely set my date for May 1. I'm in the merchant marine and won't be back from work until May 1 anyway. I got a great deal at 500 below, might have got more, the dealer took my opening bid.

Have fun with the new toy
Congrats DMyles,

Welcome to the Marshmellow X Club !! :D :D :D Sure is worth the wait .. and isnt the NAV awesome !!! :cool:

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