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Whistling roof rack experiment...

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...could someone with the roof rack do me a favor and try taking the rubber strips out of the cross bars and then go for a quick drive to see if the rack whistles at low speeds (10-15mph). After installing the bike rack attachment, my rack now whistles at roughly 10 mph. It's hard to pin down the exact origin of the whistle, but my theory is that the whistle is caused not by the bike attachment itself, but by the removal of the rubber strips from the crossbars that allow the installation of the bike attachment onto the bars. Someone with the ski attachment also mentioned a whistle, so I'm thinking that the missing rubber strips is the common factor. If so, I should be able to cut the rubber stips and install them on either side of the attachment points to eliminate the whistle if that is the cause.
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I gave mine a try. Two caveats first though: 1) I have the sunroof wind deflector installed and 2) I moved my rear rack to the very back of the roof. Likely you would hear the front one whistle, and my front is stock, so data MAY (or may not) be applicable....... but it is a data point.

With inserts removed, I did not hear any whistle. Took it at various speeds up to 45 or so. Seemed as quiet as with the inserts. Tried with the windows down, up, and then the sunroof open but no whistle.

If you do not have the deflector, that could make a difference. Before I installed mine, the wind at the sunroof was pretty strong, now calm.

Hope this helps somewhat. Good luck
Thanks for your help mcclendons. Hmmm...I guess I need to take down the bike attachment and see if the whistle goes away. It's actually pretty easy, but I'm just lazy :p If the whistle is still there, then I'll know it's caused by the removal of the rubber strips. Having the moonroof visor on yours might make a difference, I don't know. I'll report back my findings :)
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