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I noticed that a whistling noise coming some where from the back of the vehicle around the has tank. I am positive it is not coming from the engine compartment. I have noticed that this noise is present when I start the vehicle (does not have to be moving, so it is not wind noise I am talking about) and have noticed it going away after driving around for 20 minutes or so. But it usually comes back again after a cold start. I have noticed that other Acura/Honda cars had a fuel pump some where around the gas tank, which made a noise but not a whistling one (it is highfrequecy noise, like one those TV emergency response interruptions, but bit faint).

Any body had the same problem? Is it a problem? Is there any solution? My MDX has only 100 miles and I am peeved by this problem.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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