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Whistling like noise

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Just got new 2002 and there seems to be a whistling sound. Can't place exact point and it is low in intensity but it's there. Air must be coming in somewhere...any ideas? :confused:
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Is it when you're moving or not? If @ standstill, it's probably the fuel pump, and it's normal, eminating from near the fuel filler door/LR tire. Do a search for "fuel pump whine".
Re: Re: Whistling like noise

mogur said:
If it is between about 60 mph and 90 mph, you may have the kazoo/pipe-organ noise problem. A number of 2001s had it and apparently it has not been completely exorcised from the 2002s either as I know of at least three that have the same problem. Do a search for Kazoo and you'll find the relevant threads. So far, Acura has refused to officially admit that the problem exists...

"Oops" and "Duh" I see the "air must be coming in" comment. I plead jet lag (redeye flight yesterday).

You might also try the Dmor Screen Spline fix to try and ID/isolate/fix. Search for screen spline.
Check KB

I posted a fix to an "air noise" problem which may help. There is an entry in the Knowledge Base. Basically check under the dash on the passanger side. Sometimes a little "clip" comes off the vent duct and the whistle comes from there.
The noise develops at 20 miles per hour an up...doesn't change in intensity but stays as a back ground whistle all the time. Can't hear it when fan on...overall the heating A/C noise covers the whistling sound. It really does sound like air coming in and I will be trying to isolate the location. Thanks for tht tips
I started to notice the whislting sound coming from passenger side when the car moving at above 50 mph. I have a 2002 model and it's 7 months old. Not sure what caused it?

I couldn't seem to locate your post in KB regarding the fix for what you called 'air noise'. Is there any way you can repost it here? Thanks.

Off topic, but reminds me of a tire vibration problem I just had...

Brought some AVS dB 255/45ZR17s and had them mounted anbd balanced a few months back. Went back to Americas Tire and complained of vibration with speed. Fellow said, "no problem sir, you have a lifetime balance... When do you notice it?"

So I explained it is most noticeable past 110, and gets worst up to 130. (mph)

A real funny look. But they rebalanced them.

are you serious or just joking? driving your mdx over 130 mph?

dvngo2001 said:

are you serious or just joking? driving your mdx over 130 mph?

Sorry, I thought the tires size would clarify- they only fit a 8 or 8.5 inch rim.

It's a Q45. (That's why it is off topic...) Top end is electronically limited to 155. Rarely get up past 130 or so. But usually cruise 90-100.

It was just all the talk on "at what speed do you hear it"...

Ard ... Hard to believe that you can do that in CA. Then again, you are in Sacramento, not LA ... must be nice to get over 35 mph on a freeway ... Steven :jester:
I've got a 152 mile one way commute to my main office, so each week I do a round trip-l I get to cruise I-99, I-5, 205 and 580... not bad cruises at off hours.

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