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whirring front right noise

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We had our MDX in for the 7500 mile service last Friday. All smiles up to that time. We took delivery last July after a 5 month wait!

We started noticing a whirring noise from the front end after we picked it up Friday afternoon. It is most audible at 35 to 40 miles an hour. At first we thought it was "tire" noise. But it became very annoying.

We took it in first thing this morning (Monday) and a mechanic went on a ride with me and said it was probably tire noise. He said a bearing could be going out but not very likely.

I had to get to work, so I left. But, the noise was bothering me all day so decided to take it back in the evening to let my sales rep take it for a spin. He seemed concerned and said it was unusual. I left the vehicle overnight and got a loaner (RSX).

It will be interesting to see what it is. I'm betting it's transmission...we'll see.

I will post what I find out.

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front right noise conclusion

Picked up the MDX yesterday and the culprit was the front right wheel bearings! They have actually been replaced! Wow, that is a little freaky with only 7500 miles on the MDX. Paid special attention to "sounds" on the drive home. Everything sounds normal.

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