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I have a 2011 MDX. It's been whining for a couple weeks and I have changed the front and rear differential. The hypo I'd gear fluid that drained was toxic. Milky even. This was a preowned purchase and it seemingly great shape.

I took it to my local dealer for a whining noise that I felt wasn't aggravated by turning the steering wheel. They still insisted it was the power steering.

They replaced the irony and hoses to the tune of $525 them told me we had an 80% noise reduction. I went to pick up - paid and heard it start in the garage. It was JUST AS LOUD as when I dropped it off. Today they replaced the hoses and o ring. Still no change. I'm out over $1000 and really feel it's the alternator. Anyone know how I can tell?!?! I got my breaks in traffic today and got the SH-AWD and charging system alert. I feel this is a pretty strong indicator it's tha alternator but need to convince my husband. Thoughts?! Ideas?! Please help!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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