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which Transmission Cooler should I buy

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Hey guys, i am debating placing an aftermarket transmission cooler on my 'X. I figured that even if i didn't tow, it would help the 'X run cooler(especially in Tx). I know that the Acura cooler sucks, but which ones do you guys recommend? oh, and is it a do-it-yourself job?

I hope i am not being redundant, i did a search and didn't find much info.

Thanx in advance.
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I ended up installing the Acura coolers after giving aftermarkets a shot. I wanted BOTH the PS and trans cooler, in case I ever tow..... and so that Acura could not complain about thier 0 lb towing capacity w/o coolers (slight jab intended, even my Explorer could tow something................)

You can easily mount one cooler with some custom brackets in front of radiator/and A/C Cond. I could not come up with a way (I liked) to mount two coolers. After trying some alternatives, I bought the Acura units from Tim. The Trans unit is better than I thought. It is well finned over whole tube, and is a reasonable diameter. Still not a good aftermarket, but appears heavy enough to do the job. Acura was probably right at margins with the internal radiator cooler, and the addition of the finned tube will add a good degree of cooling. A good aftermarket would do "better", but after seeing this one think it is good enough.

Tim does (did) sell the Trans coolers alone. I bought the Trans and the PS for a little over $310 from him in Nov (price may have changed). The Trans was the higher of the two, but do not remember the exact #s. My local dealer wanted just over $400 for the two, and insisted that they needed to install. I admit, it was tough getting the hose clamps off :)
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