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Which town has most MDXs

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I work in Larchmont, NY. Just about every time I have stepped outside my office (even for a 5 minute coffee break), I see atleast one or two MDXs. Looks like Larchmont, NY has a very heavy concentration of MDX - "MDX City USA" ?
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Well, as far as I know, we have one... :)

Ditto Ghost.:D
San Jose, CA. I saw them all over the freeways :D
There is ONE in my neighborhood
I have one but im giving it back and getting another one so would that make me count as 2?

I have seen several in Plano, TX
tdnone said:
San Jose, CA. I saw them all over the freeways :D
Since Tim mentioned that San Jose is the city gave him highest business volume, I think San Jose could be one of the city that have many MDX. I am curious how come Los Angeles is not the city with more business. LA is a big city.
I think for some reason I've only had at most 4 orders from LA. I don't know if it's because most people live in the suburbs or what :confused:

Definitely San Jose has the highest concentration of orders, by city. Portland and Seattle have a lot too, but it's also very possible that many Xers aren't "computer savvy".

Case and point, I know that there are MDXs in my area, but I've never had an MDX order from Western New York. Go figure.
Counting mine, I have seen 6 in my neighborhood (within say 2 miles of my home). There are 3 SS, 1 Beige, 1 Black, 1 GG.
There is a deluge of MDX's in Brooklyn. In my neighborhood, one is parked on every other block. (with several blocks having a few!) Besides, there is a hospital near me and a few MDX's are "commuters" with MD plates. The only color I saw once in all this herd of Multi-dimensioned luxury was Mahogany. About 70% are silver, 20% black, 8% are GG and 1% each DEG and MB.

That wouldn't be Coney Island hospital would it? I was born and raised in that area (E2nd St. and Ave P).
Hi, Tom.

Coney Island Hospital is a little more South along Ocean Pkway. I do not think any of those "good medical school" dropouts could afford the MDX. (I have a very bad opinion of that hospital as several people I knew never made it out of there :(:(:()

I live in Dyker Heights which is to the west.
Around Chicago's north shore... was a rarity to see an MDX just four months ago. Today, if I make a one-hour errand run, I'll see at least one or two, so the density is increasing. (But no sightings AT ALL. Get with it, suburbanites.)

Still, you cant flip over a rock around here without turning up an RX300.

- ablank
Cannot say if we have the most, but I would say that DC Metro area has its fair share. Then again, I'm it is only suckers like us that are counting/noticing MDXs... ;)
Probably could never find this out, but...

Ya know, the most MDXs per capita would be a more impressive measurement. There are 3 of them within a 3 block radius of my home, in a pretty small city.

But even with 3 of us in close proximity, we are still outnumbered 10 to 1 by RX300s and BMW X5s. Is that true everywhere?
I can't leave home without seeing at least a couple... usually silver or black... or the occassional mahogany... This in Westlake Village/Agoura, a suburb of Los Angeles county.

There are 2 dealerships (Acura 101 West in Callabassas & Keyes Acura in Van Nuys) off the freeway on my normal commute -- so I'm sure I'm apt to see more as owners take them to and from the dealers for service, etc.

Far too many for my taste... one of the reasons I chose the MDX over the RX300 is that they're everywhere in LA. By adding the custom wheels and powder coated side steps, I think I've personalised my MDX so it does stand out a little from the crowd.

Tim... I hope you counted me in that four... although I'm surprised by such a low figure -- I thought that there were more than 4 posters on this sight from the LA area who had purchased items from you.

Best regards.

Can't really say I know exactly how many in my neck of the woods....

As the township I live in, Hamilton Twp, NJ (yes, the doggone post office with the anthrax mess!- try not getting mail for 3 days, but that's another thread) - there are about 90000 people in Hamilton. Then you have all your other Townships that run into Hamilton, -- Lawrence, Ewing, Princeton, Washington, Trenton City, Hopewell. I do drive a lot for work, and I do count how many MDX's I see on any given day! The most I think was 4, although I did follow a SS one into LBI yesterday!!!

In my small subdivion of 51 houses, there are three MDXs (my next door neighbor have one too). Next block have two and further up street got to have at least two more. Since we all have to go through the same traffic light every morning, there are times where there are three MDXs waiting on the left turn lane :D :D BTW, we all belong to the same school, so my son told me he almost get into someone else SS MDX. :rolleyes:
3 Blacks, 1 Emerald, 5 Silvers, 1 Mahogany, 1 Beige, and my GG.
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