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Which MDX model was sold most?

  • Base

    Votes: 41 19.2%
  • Base with Navi

    Votes: 21 9.8%
  • Base with Touring pkg (186)

    Votes: 72 33.6%
  • Both Touring and Navi

    Votes: 80 37.4%

Which MDX did you buy?

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I am curious which MDX model (182, 184, 186 and 188) was sold most.
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I just voted & although for now the 188 leads the pack -

I would predict that the 186 is the highest volume model sold. This WAG is based on my own personal assumption that more people consider the Touring pkg to be more of a value than the Navi.

I love my 188, but had to think long & hard before I decided to get the Navi. I finally decided - "what the heck........I'm spending this much for the MDX - what's another $2k?" I also am leasing and the payment wasn't that much more to add the Navi anyway.

Roger or you guys have any numbers as to the % of various models sold?
Hope we can get more voters....come on all of you out there. Cast your vote. Vote early, and often! Ooops, sorry, that's my Chicago roots coming out again.:D
I voted & not surprised that the tour/nav is in front although I only have the touring. Since I felt I was stretching alittle to get the MDX with MSRP and all, I felt that the extra 2K would be better spent on the accessories I wanted. The nav sounds great and a nice toy to fool around with unless your on a trip, then it would really be useful. All in all, I'm happy with just the touring pkg which was more important to me than the nav.

Happy MDXing!!!
RE: Which MDX did I buy?

The best one of course:D :cool: :D
I am curious as to which features of the 'touring' do most of you find the best?
I like goodies, but if I don't use them a lot, they are more things that can go bad. Maybe that's in contradiction to Acura quality.

I definitely love the memory seating (comes in handy when wife is a full foot shorter). The power passenger is a must IMO as well...

Rob :cool:

There are several old threads that are directly related to comparing the Premium (base) vrs the Touring model. Use search to dig up these threads and get more opinions than you really need;)

I find the Memory seats very useful. The Tiltdown mirrors I now consider a MUST have in any car I own from this point forward. They are that useful in my opinion. Although not enough of an upgrade in some opinions, the Sound system is better on the Touring. Although a temporary improvement, the Touring has slightly better tires.

Again this has been discussed in great detail elsewhere.
I found that I went for the touring and navagation for the following reasons:
1. tire size and michelin tires
2. Navagation a must and the ultimate toy in a SUV
3. Memory seats for me and my wife much easier
That pretty much sums it up, I figured if I'm going to treat myself to a MDX I better go all the way!:D

Tire size is the same, whether base or Touring.
Touring + Nav. Had to get it will all the fixin's!!! Can't stand to be called for directions...essential for the wife!!!!
When I saw that you could put in the phone number of almost any business and the Navi would take you there, I had to have it.
I ran a similar poll long time ago, and with 302 votes here are the results:

Base Model: 18%

Navigation: 12%

Touring: 34%

Touring and Navigation: 36%

Total votes: 302
Which tells us Navi gains favor with time, on both Base and Touring models.
I got touring & nav and I love it. Would not buy any other suv.:2:
I know that I got what I wanted & needed, even if it's the least requested / bought. The base w/ navi is perfect for my needs, & I can upgrade / mod to my likings:2: :4:
latest figures . . .

Very Interesting . . . according to my math, 48% of you chose Navi while 52% went Navi-less . . . however this is based off of only 188 votes - I'm sure we have many more owner/members who have yet to weigh in . . .
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