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Okay... if I owned a $40K car in high school... I just can't even imagine. First of all....what are you going to have in 10 years... in 20 years ?? Will you be able or willing to work your way back DOWN the car ladder if necessary? That would just be painful.

Personally, I wouldn't trade a thing. The 1976 Plymouth Valiant that I drove to high school, the yellow 1981 Toyota Celica that would spin out in the rain and occassionally had to be roll-started in college .... makes the MDX so much sweeter.

34 here btw and still feeling like I'm too young to have such a nice car.

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Indeed! I am also 34 and the 1978 Chrysler Volarie I had in high school (with a 3-speed shift on the floor and about 2 feet of play in the steering wheel) make me truly appreciate my MDX. Whatever your means, the only justification I can see for purchasing a vehicle in the class of the MDX for a teenager is safety.

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I'm older than you are!

I'm 35 and the cars in my life are as follows:

1980 Chevy Malibu
Datsun 200SX
Dodge Reliant Station Wagon (all belonging to my parents)
1988 Chevy Celebrity Eurosport (drove it 1990-1996)
1992 Taurus Wagon (Got in 96)
1993 Taurus Wagon (Got in 97 and am still driving)
Both Tauruses were from Government auctions so no options besides a/c (thank God for that!)
DH drives a 1988 Olds Ciera with 135k miles and leaking windows and rust.

Do we deserve an MDX or what? I challenge anyone on this board to say we don't!!!!

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55 chevy (biggest regret selling)
59 chevy (like I said should have kept
the 55)
67 Volkswagon Beetle (new)(2nd most AM radio yet, a Bendix)
63 Triumph TR3 (it looked like more fun than it was)
72 Triumph TR6 (sounded and looked great but above 45mph nothing special)
64 Dodge Dart (torqueflite.. xlnt)
72 Datsun pickup (new)
74 Datsun B210 (new, ok..but why?)
76 Toyota Celica (new)
82 Toyota Celica GT (new)
(most reliable)
85 Honda Civic (wive's car)
91 Ford Tortoise St. Wagon (new) (least reliable)
86 Mazda RX-7 (most fun & reliable)
96 Mercury Villager (boringly practical)
02' MDX (most luxurious and nicer to drive for an SUV)
wife shopping for a 'personal' SUV...CRV or RAV4 ...

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O.K., I'll fess up. I'm 38 and the list of vehicles I've owned are, from first to current:


72 Ford Maverick (first car, definitely well used)
76 Ford Mustang (piece of crap)
85 Nissan Sentra (first NEW car)
88 Ford Taurus (used - good, reliable car)
89 Mercury Sable (DH brought into the marriage on a lease)
90 Ford Ranger extended cab (new)
92 Ford Aerostar (DH turned in Sable for this)
93 Ford Ranger extended cab (new)
84 BMW 633csi (got rid of the truck for this one - left when MDX came)

99 Acura 3.2 TL
02 Acura MDX

I can not imagine starting out with an MDX! IMHO, it seems like it'd be difficult to truly appreciate how wonderful it is without having gone through the trials and tribulations of owning other, lesser vehicles first.


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Ok, I'll be 38 in a few months and;

'75 Ford Gran Torino station wagon w/wood sides (Mom's car)
'76 Ford Ranchero (400 cleveland, Holly 4bb, hooker headers . . .)
'70 Pontiac GTO Judge (400 ram air IV, 4spd muncie, 10" posi . . .)
'82 Olds Gutlass Supreme (don't ask, shoulda bought a Trans Am)
'89 Toyota Supra (not bad, not great either)
'92 BMW 318is (sob, LOVED this car - died when we traded in)
'93 Toyota Celica GTS (wife's hand-me-down - she got new car)

Hmmm see the trend - no domestics since Reagan's era . . . I think I paid my dues . . .

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might as well chip in......

30 y.o. here.....and here's my history

no car in high school
'87 used Hyundai Excel while in undergrad (no Hyundai EVER again-- thing leaked oil like the Exxon Valdez)
'93 new Toyo corolla
'96 new Nissan sentra
'96 used Acura Integra
'02 MDX!

Okay, so with the exception of the Hyundai, I've generally had good quality cars and have gradually been progressing upwards. As a single female, I place a lot of value on having a car vehicle that won't leave me stranded. As far as I'm concerned, I'm at the pinnacle...the X is my dream car and I'm happy as a pig in mud. :D


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I'm really feeling old...

....after reading this thread and the other one taking a poll on readers' ages that stops with a "over 41 category". Now that hurts.

I have owned 20 vehicles on two continents in my 47 years of driving. My history or ownership took me awhile to recall, but I think I've included all of them. If I missed one or two, they weren't worthy of remembering.

In order of purchase.

47 Ford coupe (great car for a 16 year old)
51 Merc coupe (Lots of custom work)
55 Chevy (Car of the year)
39 Morris (My first English car, in Europe)
54 Jaguar (Great looking, lots of tune-ups)
64 Ford 2 dr. (First new car)
66 Chrysler Imperial (a fast boat)
68 Chrysler New Yorker (More reliable than today Chryslers)
71 VW beetle (My town runabout and fun)
76 Merc Cougar (A lot of hood)
80 Audi (Lots of mechanical problems)
83 Caddie (More trouble than the Audi)
85 Porsche 944
86 Bronco (Full size and lots of utility)
89 Acura Legend (Great quality and Service)
91 Lexus 400 (Nicest car I ever owned)
95 Chrysler LHS (A complete and total POC)
96 Villager (First and last minivan)
96 Honda Accord ex
98 Honda Accord 6 cyl
02 Acura MDX (Hope to keep this for several years)

I have surely earned the joy of driving the MDX.

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I'll be 35 next month. I actually had the 40K car in High School because Daddy worked for an auto company. He could lease cars for his teen-agers and the company paid for the insurance. Every 10-12 months until I finished college I had a brand new car. Leather, heated Seats, the works. Okay fast forward to College Graduation. Dad said I needed to earn some money on my own since he spent all his on my education;) So, luckily he went car shopping with me because they could see me coming! I ended up with a new1990 Toyota Celica with no leather, no heated seats, no power anything, and they took the good tires off and made me come back for the car when they put cheap ugly tires on it. I paid 12.75 %financing because I had no credit. OH YES IT WAS PAINFUL!! However I paid off the car and drove it until we were planning a family. I did learn to save money and was able to buy a RX300 in 1999. Thank goodness I could finally afford heated seats myself!:2: Now I'm waiting patiently for my MDX.

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I am 45 years old and here is my list:

1964 Impala SS
1964 VW Convertible
1972 VW Convertible
1974 VW Thing
1973 Porche 914
1966 Chevy Surburban
1981 Toyota Pickup
1982 Chevy Blazer
1962 Chevy II Nova
1968 Bronco (Bobtail)
1985 Toyota Pickup 4X4
1986 Toyota ForeRunner
1986 Nissan Maxima
1987 Conquest TSI
1996 Nissan Quest
1997 Mitsubishi Galant

This is only a partial list, I also have owned at least ten different off road sand rails, three wheelers, and street bikes.

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Here is my vehicular history...

I'm 38, and the vehicles that I have owned over the years are as follows.

'72 Mercury Comet (parents hand-me-down car that I drove in high school)
'75 Oldsmobile Starfire (totaled when my brakes went out)
'76 Oldsmobile Starfire (my first stick shift car, used many parts from my previous Starfire)
'76 Mercury Capri (died after year and a half of ownership, sold to junk yard for $50)
'85 Honda Aero scooter (too slow, sold it and got a motorcycle instead)
'83 Kawasaki GPZ550 (fun bike, sold it to get new rims, tires, and suspension for 280Z)
'77 Datsun 280Z (fun car to drive, had to give it up after 12 years of ownership for a 4-door sedan when 1st child was born)
'89 Nissan Pathfinder SE (great SUV, still in the family)
'98 Nissan Maxima SE (sporty sedan that replaced my 280Z, wife had to compromise and let me get a stick shift)
'01 Acura MDX (the best so far, kid and stuff hauler that wife drives 95% of the time)

At this point, it is difficult to top the value that MDX provides.

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I agree w/Hey Jude: my wife and I still feel that this car is a little "too-nice" for us (I guess we're not used to all this luxury :) ).

Our cars:


'85 Cherokee Sport (actually my parents' car but I drove it in HS)
'89 Nissan Maxima SE (great car - regretting I sold it)
'01 Honda S2K (making me forget my Maxima!)

'87 MB 190E
'97 Jeep Grand Cherokee (ugh, those repair bills...)
'02 MDX

Not a whole lot of history there as we tended to keep our cars for awhile...which is our plan for the MDX!

BTW I'm 33 going on 34...

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In the last 25 years I have owed 12 Honda products (and several other products, as well), currently I have an 02 TL-S, a 99 CL, and my new 02 MDX. I never thought I owned a car that was more than I deserve!

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35 here.

'73 Olds Cutlass Supreme (350 Rocket! sold for $100 w/ 139k on the O'. Engine was solid, body was rust.)

'80 Chevy Citation (how embarassing, dumped it in 5 months)

'82 Toyota Celica GT (traded w 132k on the O. Also rusty)

'91 Nissan NX2000 (awesome! Hit 130 mph once. Sold w/ 125k on the O.)

'92 Nissan 240 SX (wife's, much slower than the NX)

'97 Nissan Maxima (nice, but not as much fun as the NX)

'95 Honda Accord (wife's, solid transportation)

'02 Acura MDX (I have arrived!)

Next?: Something smaller, fast, tight, and fun! in about 3 years. Maybe a Bimmer 3-series, Audi A4, or similar.:20:

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Hey Jude, u said a mouthful! That's SO true. You sometimes don't get a good apprie. for what you have, unless u go through some ruff time, to apprie. the MDX. I'm not as old as Fvince, but I've had alot of cars. I'll try & remember them all.....................
1. '56 Chevy 2 dr. cpe. (I built the eng., tranny, Lov'd that car!)
2. '65 Corvair (lots of work, but boy was it fast when I was done!)
3. '66 Pontiac GTO (already fast, 3- 2barrel carbs Leaked oil badly)
4. '72 Camaro (main car for a long time)
5. '79 Subaru FE ( First new car owned, great mileage, but SMALL)
6. '82 VW Siracco (very nice car, some weird things in that thing)
7. '84 Toyota Celica ( One of the nicest, should have keep longer)
8. '86 Toy. Cel. (THE worst car ever! Problems, prob. prob......)
9. '88 Toy. Camrey (Insisted on something 2 replace 86 Celica)
10 '89 Mazda LX (ok car. Gave to X wife to drive she wrecked it)
11 '90 Mit. Eclipse (Nice car, not much power)
12 '91 Mit. Ecl. AWD / Turbo (fast, nice car, but no room inside)
13 '93 SAME.. not as nice (car was dropped off of transport!)
14 '94 Infiniti GX (super nice car inside & out- UNDER powered)
15 '96 Nis. Maxima SE (Fast car, ok inter. To many rattles lease problems about turn in :rolleyes:
16 ''00 Acura Tl (first taste of Lux. Some shifting prob., but nice)
17 '02 Acura MDX (WOW! This is one FINE VEHICLE)

I didn't include other half's cars. I tried to keep explainations to a minimum, but boy do some have stories! Thanks for the trip down memory lane w/ my cars :2:

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I got all of you beat!

1976 Buick Century 4 door
1975 AMC Pacer
1981 Mercury Cougar XR7
1970 VW Beelte convertible
1974 VW Super Beetle
1958 Edsel Ranger 4-door
1955 Packard Patrician 4dr
1979 Chevy Caprice
1987 Ford Escort 2-door
1959 Edsel Ranger htdp
1959 Edsel Ranger 4dr hdtp
1978 Chevy Monte Carlo
1979 Ford Fiesta
1975 Buick Century
1979 Buick Skylark
1973 Pontiac Grand Am
1980 Ford Fairmont Z7
1983 Ford LTD (midsize)
1979 Monte Carlo
1974 Mercedes 280
1982 VW Scirocco (two of them)
1980 Ford Fiesta
1983 Audi 5000
1986 Audi 4000
1985 Toyota van
1984 Ford F150 Explorer
1988 Acura Integra
1962 Ford Fairlane 500
1964 Chevy Bel Air 9-pass wagon
1974 Pontiac Lemans
1979 Cadillac Sedan De Ville
1972 Chevy Impala coupe
1976 Olds Toronado
1971 Mercury Marquis coupe
1972 Buick Riviera
1982 Mercury Lynx
1980 Monte Carlo
1970 Monte Carlo
1969 Plumouth Sattelite
1981 Plymouth TC3
1972 Pontiac safari wagon
1980 Ford Thunderbird (3 of them)
1987 Nissan pickup
1989 Nissan Sentra
1983 Mercury Marquis

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1985 Honda Accord coupe
1987 Camaro
1982 Impala
1990 Honda Civic
1959 Olds Dynamic 88
1989 Volvo 240
1987 Volvo 240
1980 Toyota Corolla
1981 Toyota Tercel
1979 Pontiac Sunfire
1992 Pontiac Grand Am
1984 Dodge Daytona Turbo
1978 AMC Concord
1977 Olds Cutlass 2dr
1988 Pontiac Lemans
1989 Subaru GL
1982 Ford F150
1975 Monte Carlo
1987 Ford Tempo 2dr
1986 Hyundai Excel
1980 Chevy van

....and a story with every one! Still thinking....there's got to be more. Oh, if I had them all still ,what they'd be worth today..... :rolleyes:

Do I win? :D

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You've got to be kidding!! I can't believe you've owned all those!! If so, you should get an award just for remembering them all (or at least most of them). You've missed your should be a writer for Car and Driver or something since it looks like you've driven every make and model. :eek:

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Great thread, Hey-Jude.

Tim -- wondering which was your fave.

Here are mine/ours. Looks like I'm gettin' more fickle or impatient w/age :) (35 now):
  • '70 Chevy Malibu/Chevelle (307, only power was steering+brakes). My HS hand-me-down. 'rents put in a nice Blaupunkt for me, tho.
  • '85 Mitsu Starion. Ran well to 110k despite eating 3 turbos (all under warranty thanks to CA emissions requirements). Bought for $17.5, sold for $1.2k in '94. Worst resale of any Japanese car from '85, I'm told.
  • '90 (I think) Yamaha Radian 600. Fun. Sold it after almost getting blown off the side of the Bay Bridge.
  • '94 BMW 318 convertible. Gift to myself after b-school. Loved it.
  • '96 Heap Grand Cherokee. Everything you've heard is true. Nonetheless, a good 'ute that you just don't have to care anything about, because Chrysler sure didn't.
  • '96 Honda Accord 4-dr/4-cyl. Wife's. Actually gave up the Bimmer for the Heep and Honda for a lower monthly payment combined. You know how that goes. Reliable but uninspired. She hated it.
  • '98 Honda Accord coupev v6. She liked this one much better.
  • '00 Lexus GS. Replaced the Heap. Love it.
  • '01 MDX. Replaced the Accord for the kid 'n dog. Love it.
Started out kinda slow there...keeping the dealers in business lately, tho! Dunno what's next when the lease on the GS is up. Kinda eyeballing the Infiniti G35 coupe. Like the Boxster.

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I really did own every one of those! I actually have a list somewhere. When I met my wife, I had 6 cars :eek: , although I was only allowed to keep two at home at any given time. My parents always thought that it was part of the reason I never got into trouble with the law or anything like that, they always knew where I the driveway with a socket wrench in my hand!

The oil spots on their driveway are almost gone only took 6 years! :D
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