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On my 07 MDX, the radio will turn on by itself after HFL use. There is a TSB for it (See attached), but it is too late for me to find out. I am wondering whether we can buy this and update ourselves.

Audio Unit Software Update Disc
Type A and B, Version 2.000B:
NOTE: Each dealership originally received a two-disc
set (Type A and Type B version 2.000). Please discard
this two-disc set. Each dealer was then sent a single disc
that has both Type A and Type B version 2.000 software
on it. If you need a replacement disc, they are available
through the normal parts ordering channels.

It is only 0.3 hr labor, but our dealer asked for 300+. Horrible. Please let me know if anybody can help. I shall be happy to pay you for it. Thanks.


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