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Where are you guys?

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Are there no members in the the area beside me?
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Great here, how you doing?

I am amazed considering THIS topic, lots of posters don't have their location under their names. :)
Hey there all, new to this forum/website...just a shout out to all my fellow MDX riders out there.....peace in da middle east

2006 MDX NAV/RES Billet silver
Toledo,Oh.........awaiting '07 X
I'm from North Ridgeville, Ohio

Will take delivery of a 2004 Mdx next month ( May 07 ). Waiting for the lease to expire under my father-in-law's name.

You guys have any annual Mdx gathering??

Hello from Central New Jersey (between Princeton and Trenton) and Rockland County, New York.

Bought my MDX in January from Precision Acura of Princeton.
Im in Columbus (Canal-Winchester)
In TN right near the KY boarder in Clarksville
I didn't see a forum for MI so I guess I'll tag along with you guys. I'm about an hour and a half north of Toledo.
Hello from Stratford, CT. :D
Reviving an old thread! Evansville, IN
Dayton/Springfield Ohio area
61 - 75 of 75 Posts
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