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Where are you guys?

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Are there no members in the the area beside me?
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Anyplace for a Michigan guy??

No apparent spot, this one seemed the most appropriate, just a northern neighbor stopping in to say hello. Given the Detroit issues, maybe there are not many MDXs in Michigan. lmeans, you belong here.
Thanks A2MDXer--

I know remery didn't mean anything by what he said though. He's right, I did screw up. I didn't realize when I posted that this was for for Ohio'ans. Oh well :rolleyes: :confused:

No, I did not get my car when promised - about a month late. From Superior Acura in Fairfield. Live in West Chester - Wetherington. I've seen a few MDX's back there - anyone here?
Re: Thanks A2MDXer--

lmeans said:
I know remery didn't mean anything by what he said though. He's right, I did screw up. I didn't realize when I posted that this was for for Ohio'ans. Oh well :rolleyes: :confused:

I think Remery is always on top of things. Well, even though I do not really belong here, please let me extend an invitation to you. It looks like this group needs a Super Senior Member.:D
Lexington, KY here. Shopped in Cinci, but dates weren't any better. So far so good with Courtesy Acura, but haven't got delivery yet. Hopefully December.
Let It Snow said:
Cleveland Area
Hey, Let it Snow, you better think about moving a bit north!:D:D
I'm in Cincinnati.

Just ordered my MDX from Columbia Acura. Paid MSRP. Delivery in July. I was a little disappointed that the dealer didn't offer sub-MSRP but I have read other posts of people playing OVER MSRP.

Now the waiting game begins . . .
thebigE Welcome ! Hey the dealers put a lot of stock in the surveys' you will get in the mail . Just suggest that maybe if they give you " FREE " read mud flaps , or some other perks , then your survey would certainly be more favorable. Good luck.
You are on my wavelength Jazz because the dealer, Columbia Acura, did indeed throw in free rear mud flaps :D Fortunately the salesperson offered them before I asked for them as part of my accessories.

They must know about the surveys, too!
I'm in Louisville, KY., but drove to Courtesy in Lexington to buy my 02 w/touring.
Hey MikeyH . . .

What color did you get?

As of last month, Courtesy had sold 4 White 02's. 2 stayed in town, one went to Nashville and one wento Loallvull. Was that one yours?

Also curious - Why didn't you shop closer to home?

See ya on 64 . . . :4:

No mine was SS (I think that is Starlite Silver). I ordered it in 3rd week of May with an August 1 delivery date but got a call around the last day of May stating that someone ordered one just like mine (Silver w/touring, no navi) but decided they wanted a car instead of SUV so I got theirs. We picked it up on 6/8 and then went to Keenland to watch War Emblem blow the Belmont on Simulcast. Drove back to Loallvull same night.

Courtesy also got another SS exactly like mine on the same truck as mine on 6/5 but the guy who ordered it lost his job and couldn't take delivery. I was told this before we went to Lex on 6/8. When we got there on 6/8, I asked Gerald B. (salesman) where was the other one? He said they sold it 24 hrs later on 6/6 to a Lex doctor.

AS may know there are only 2 Acura dealers in KY, Oxmoor in Loallvull and Courtesy. Oxmoor is owned by Neil Huffman and they do not treat you as well as Courtesy. Courtesy gave me a better deal and the original delivery date was better than Oxmoor too. In fact today I got prices on extended Acura warranty from these two places. Results same again....... for 7/100, Oxmoor.....$1650, Courtesy....$1475, for the exact same thing. The guy at Oxmoor said this was his cost. I said your going to sell it to me and make no profit?? He said "we just like to sell extended warranties". Yea right. The "rate a dealer" on this site has other Louisvillians saying the same thing about these two places and going to Courtesy instead of Oxmoor.

Did you buy yours from Gerald Bault at Courtesy as well?

Stay in touch.

You know, come to think of it, we passed a white MDX on 64 that same day, 6/8, it was headed towards Louisville while we were headed to Lex to get ours.
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Hey Mike , Welcome. I live across the river in Indiana, and I purchased my X from Oxmoor. I also incounder the same dog & pony show about the extended warranty as you did . But in all fairness to the dealership they do have a excellent service department. I would bet the bridge that some one is getting a commission from the extended warranty. " ENJOY YOUR MDX" :D :D
Hi Jazz, thanks for the greeting. Your right about Oxmoor's service department. I was just in there for the first time yesterday about an issue that turned out to be nothing and those guys were really nice. It's a good thing because all of my service work will be done by those guys, I'm not driving back to Lexington where I bought the MDX every time I have a service interval or anything else.

The sales and finance guys are just more hardnose about prices than Courtesy.

See you around and stay in touch.
Hi Mikey - yep, Gerald was my sales person . . . a class act all the way. I told him I was shopping in Cinci too, and he never flinched, overreacted, or tried to close me. When in for a minor service, he offered me his personal car to go run errands. That's service.

Glad to hear you got lucky with the wait. Hope more people buy Pilots now that they are available so that the MDX will remain more rare.

Go Cats!
Mr Prescott:

You know I pull for the 'ville and cats until they play each other and I guess I have to let it be known that my wife and I are UofL alumni. But I know that if you live in Lex there isn't any other team but the Cats. All my friends are Cat fans so I get heat from them all the time, especially since two of them are WKU grads and they are quite upset at Rick for opting out of playing the Hilltoppers this year.
I am seeing so many MDXs now it's like the New Beetle craze a few years ago!
Hey guys.
Another MDX owner in Louisville. Believe it or not I found my beige 2001 at Sam Swope BMW/Lexus, on Hurstbourne, with 16,000 miles on it. I was driving by and saw it on the lot. Went in, negotiated the price down and left with it. While I was signing the papers the sales mgr. said it had not been out on the lot longer than an hour before I bought it. Also, he said 8-10 other lots had called him wanting the X for the original price of $34,500. The salesman did not even have it on his inventory list yet, so basically I stole it for only $32,000.
Of course, I get all of my service done at Oxmoor. As mentioned, the service dept. is great. See you around.
Hi Willoughby:

Looks like you got a great buy. I would have liked to have found a good used one to save the bucks but never was successful (really didn't try very hard before buying a new one though). Even if a used one can be found anywhere close by, they are usually close to the cost of a new one. Such was my case when trying to buy an 01' from Craig and Landreith on Dixie. Had 11,000 miles, Silver w/ touring and the best they would do is 2K below the cost of a new one. No deal.

Say, does yours have touring, navi, both, or neither?
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