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I bought it in 2009 w/ 44k miles on it. Was good for a few years, though I am wondering/questioning it's reliability. It now has over 136,000 on the Odometer.

Replaced Starter (mechanic)

Replaced Alternator (mechanic)
Spark Plugs (mechanic)
Timing Belt (mechanic)

MIL/CEL for P0420 came on every so often in winter, though absent all other time
Nav System went on the Fritz

Replaced window regulator (me)
New Tires (mechanic)
New Transmission (mechanic)
New Radiator (mechanic)

Replaced front passenger caliper (me)
Replaced all rotors and pads (me)
Replaced Nav System DVD w/ salvage one on ebay (me)
Removed rust, primed, and touch up painted areas with rust (me)

Diagnose and replace Bank 1 cat if needed.

When I own a vehicle I do my best to take care of it and try not to let it fall into disrepair. People are always surprised when I tell them how old it is. I am learning a lot about vehicles, it seems a few things break on it every year and it is annoying to keep up on all of it. I am wondering if I should just call it quits and buy a new vehicle. I am thinking about a new F-150. After the Transmission I have no confidence in Acura, it is about 12 years old and other than the P0420, which I plan to fix, there are no issues with it. Do I need a new vehicle, no, but I kind of want one and it would be nice not to have to worry about warranty stuff for a few years. This vehicle has a lot more issues than my wife's car, she had engine trouble, but Toyota reimbursed us for that as the cause was from a recall part. Other than the wear items, it has been a couple of 02 sensors, struts, and tie rods. It has 163,000 on it and no CEL on her 2006 Avalon. Also her leather holds up soo much better and I take better care of my leather than she does. :( She is still pretty, but I am kind of getting sick of looking at her.

I think I would have been better off in the long run buying that new Silverado I was looking, instead of this. It hasn't been cheap to maintain.
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