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wheel and tire size

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for the "dubber's" :

what is your wheel and tire size? am fixin to put some dubs on my x'. just want to know which one will fit.

will a 20x9 wheel fit on the x'? if so, which tires would go with it. thanks.
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Harry, any special reason for the Modas vs. let's say the Mille Miglia Action wheels? I was checking things out on and both of these were listed as options.

I am salivating over the prospect of doing this, but don't know if I want to shell out $1900 buckeroos, but I love what you and Dubbed have done. are making things verrrry difficult for know, I thought the same thing about all the X's starting to pop up around here....I wanna be different.

Another question, do stores typically take the stock wheels back for some kind of credit? Or should I keep 'em (with the original tires) like Harry to switch back to in the winter months?

PS....glad you got your Zaino....been following the theads there...:D
Harry, thanks for your advice on the wheels....the Modas seem easier to clean than the Milles. And I agree with you on the they (Dubs' especially) looks great, but keeping them clean is a probe for me.

Yeah, I can see it now....."Darling, you want you wittle hubby to dwive in complete safety, now, snookums, don't you? Hmmmmmm?" I am gonna give it a try!:D
I went to, per sgtgloks's post and guess whose ugly face appeared.......none other than one of my favorite NBA players, Latrell Sprewell....who apparently sponsors or is owner of the site.

That alone is enough to make me stick with my stock wheels. :mad:

I guess it's harder to choke a chrome wheel than an NBA coach.
1 - 4 of 41 Posts
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