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Does anybody know why Acura does not allow you to actually "order" your vehicle, but rather be put on an informal list at your local dealer and hope the dealer is reputable.

Be advised, I am knew to the MDX phenomenon, and tried to buy an MDX for the first time this past week. I have been told by several dealers it would be 4-6 months, only to be offered a vehicle in the next few weeks...if I took one with thousands of dollars in accessories, I hope the MDX's I have been offered were not yours!!

Also, I currently know someone on 4 waiting lists, which may be good news for you since he is only buying one car, so 3 dealers will have one less customer on their list. (seems ridiculous)

I buy cars in good times and in bad, and Acura cannot have it both ways. A dealer should either advertise the fact that they are willing to sell cars to the highest bidder (it is the American way), or sell cars for sticker (as Saturn), but it is wrong to explicitly state you do not sell cars for more then sticker, and then turn around and sell cars to whom ever will purchase the most amount of accessories.

Why doesn't Acura have a formal order process that allows you to put your name in at your local dealer, and you are then given a national build slot and a true build date. The bottom line is that some dealers are honest and some are not, should we hold Acura accountable for them? or just suck it up.

I am not an Acura Dealer, and all of the above are my theories, please correct me if I am wrong.

PS - I have found a Silver MDX base model, in stock, I have to pay sticker + $989.00 for mats, cargo lid and net, mud guards, and some kind of clear nose guard to protect the bumper and hood. I also have to pay a $350.00 doc fee. It does not seem that bad since I would have bought everything except that nose thing anyway.

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Not a surprise

CH777 -

Your observation is very accurate and sometimes I wonder the same thing. Read more from this message board and you may feel better.

In short, people want the MDX.. and they will find a best deal from somewhere. The reality is that dealer may not have the car that they promised you.. and you may bail out of your intension to buy from them, on the flip side. So, it is a annoying situation but it is the American way. Make good products and people want your products.. etc. It is fairly common knowledge now that the MDX is it.. just like the Oddesey is the one for the minivan.

My impression is that Honda dealers are very independent and loosely administered by Honda. There are honest ones out there. I have no solution to the situation, but I do suggestion that you seriously look for and end up buying an MDX. If the car is what you care most about, you could probably work out with some dealer.

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The bottom line is that some dealers are honest and some are not, should we hold Acura accountable for them? or just suck it up.

Hi CH77- Welcome to

I too am in the Boston area and share your sentiments and frustrations. The dealer you described I went to first and did not like how they gouged people with the price of accessories and making you buy a bunch if you didn't want to wait 8 months. When you compare their accessory prices to other local dealers and then compare the prices to Tim's at
it made me SICK!!

It's too bad that a luxury car maker like Acura dosn't have manadatory high standards for all their dealers.

I guess that's why their are lawyer and car dealers jokes(unfortunately there are sleeze bags in all professions.)

Well I'm waiting for an April delivery on a Jan. deposit.
Hopefully in the end my expeience will be good.

Congrats on getting your X.

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..........since I would have bought everything except that clear nose thing anyway.

CH 777,

That "clear nose thing" that you refer to may turn out to be your
favorite of all of the add-on items on your MDX if it is what I think
it is...a 3 M clear film to protect the front end from those frequent
and deadly rock chips. It is nearly invisible, especially on the SS
color, and is becoming a common application on luxury vehicles.
The cost to have it installed seems to range from $400 to $600
depending on extent of coverage such as headlights, fogs, mirrors
and hood. In a year or two you may look at the front end of the
'X' and be glad it isn't pitted like other vehicles. There are a number of threads discussing this process if you want more
information. Look for 'rock chip protection', Stongard, Clear Bra
and related topics.
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