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What's new for 2003?

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What's the latest rumor on the 2003 MDX? I read possibly a bigger V6 (3.8L) with around 290 hp!
Maybe that will be an optional engine. Sorry, I did not bookmark the article.
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I will try to find the web page today, but it did not have much more info than that. Of course, we are talking fewer mpg too if thats the case.
I will be dropping by a dealer Thursday and will try to get more out of him too.
Re: It better have:

marc b said:
Electronic stability (skid) control.

I held off buying a '02 because it still doesn't offer this.

Marc B
After reading and hearing how well the MDX does on ice and snow, maybe other SUVs need VTM more than the MDX needs ESC.
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