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What Suv?

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Just had a trip to Vegas..

With 5 people on the car, and the back fully loaded with bagage,
I forgot I was driving a SUV..
I went crazy to the point when my mom wake up from her sleep... and see
how fast I was going.. she thought it was 90km.. not 90mph..
It was amzing how I passed all those cars that was already going 90+ on both
up-hill and down-hill..
For a moment... I thought I was the race car driver..
I swim through the traffic and didn't scare my parents..(they used to yell at me
for driving 70mph on the freeway..) they didn't feel how fast I was going!

Also, it is the first time my mom say anything good about a car that's under 60000..

I just wish I have the time to drive all around US, and then Canada....
I guess that's why I can't find a gf.. cause I love this car more.. sigh..

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