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What I speed on during the weekends

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This is my favorite bike. It is a 1996 Erion Brothers Racing CBR900RR and I ride the heck out of it. Funny how those kids with later model Ducatis and Suzukis cant keep up with this old mans bike on winding roads on the weekend. Its not the size of your tool..its how you use it...


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Wow.. nice bike..

Hope I can have one too..

So far.. the only bike I have .. it's a 10 speed.. bike.. sigh..

The paint job/designs on that bike would look good on an MDX.
manus1980 said:
The paint job/designs on that bike would look good on an MDX.

Actually...Since I have the black on Ebony MDX...Whenever I tow the bike on my bike trailer it looks really clean. I hesitant to have the flames painted on the X since this may cause too much distraction.
I've got a 1980 Honda Express moped, 49cc two-stroke. Wanna race? :D

(I think you could beat it on foot.)
Prices needed

Hello Tim-

what is my cost for the painted MDX Wind deflector? I have a Black MDX.

I also need pricing on the Groceries cargo net.

Please advise.

No problem:

Tailgate Deflector $297.70
Paint labor $125.00
Cargo net $37.70
cool pic fireblade. I luv Honda bikes.

wish I had one, but wife says "no motorcycles", so i plan to get a s2000 or a nsx or boxster3.4 or a used ferrari testarossa or a f355 or a 911 or a..... i think u get the picture., and i am thinking of buying one of those motorcycle based go-carts. they do 2.5 g's and go up to 100 mph with a 125cc engine---just amazing.

anyways, COOL BIKE!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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