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Susy said:
A day later, he calls us back, telling us that suddenly, our MDX is not equiped the way we wanted it....that they left out the Navi.
Susie, the allocation report is specific, if they had a RE/SL 188 last week that was coming in, it came in. See my allocation report, this is what your dealer gets, I've edited out some dealer codes and other non essential information, but it says what is on their allocation. They don't just leave out the nav system that would be a 186 TOURPKG, and they don't just switch them. I don't know the reason for you not getting your MDX but I would have a heart to heart with them. Once you have a build date, a couple of days after that build date they should have the vin #, ask them for it so you can get your paperwork started through your lender, if your dealer is doing the financing tell them you want to do the paperwork when the vin # gets there (approximately 10 days before the vehicle shows up). That should stop any Hanky Panky that goes on when your salesperson is not there, like your MDX being sold out from under you.
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