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Just about every car magazine and user groups write how wonderful the MDX is. MDX seems to be a great SUV, but nothing is perfect. I like to start this thread with things that I like to see changed. Hopefully others will follow with things they do not like about the MDX.

* I really dislike the ceiling mounted middle row, center seat seatbelt. It is a very poor design, and perhaps made that bad due to patent limitations or cost savings. At least provide a regular lap belt so customers have a choice not to use it.

* It would be nice not to have forced black privacy glass in the back half of the MDX. Not everyone likes them. BMW, and many others do offer a choice. Make it an option (or at least an option not to have them.

* The side of the MDX design is too plain. A ding guard strip not only adds needed protection, it will make it look better too.

* The front bumper is too thick compared to the light. The MDX looks like it has a thick round chin (Kind of like Jay Lenno :). It needs more definition in the bumper below the lights.

* The beige interior leather, does not match the other non-leather beige interior components. The two colors are too close to be two-tone, and not close enough to look uniform.

* The chrome door handles are nice, but from a side view, do not match any other chrome. This is very evident on the darker colors.

* Why don't the back door windows go all the way down?

* Add some readily accessible cup holders to the middle row. The ones in the center arm rest, or on the inside of the front armrest, which needs to be open, are not always practical.

That’s all I can think of for now to get this tread going. Hopefully Acura reads these direct improvement suggestions. Go ahead and add yours.

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should mdx be more techy?

For the 2001 models such as RX300, BMW X5, and even the new Toy Highlander all come as standard or option on: Vehicle Skid Control w/ Traction control, limited slip differential, and brake assisted.

I love the MDX but have these two wishes:

I wish that Acura add the mentioned features in the very near future?

I wish that the front facial be changed to be a little more aggressive like the new QX4 or Toy Landcruiser.

now i felt better!

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The wait for the MDX is too short, dealers should stretch it out a bit to enhance the anticipation.

Also, too darn many of these on the road, heck, just last month I saw another one.

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For us living in the south, heated seats and 4WD are of very little value. I would exchange those two with those that come with touring package.

Remote that can lower windows and open moonroof would be nice for longgggg summer here.

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I love my MDX, BUT...

1) CLOCK POSITION. The clock should be where the automatic climate control readout is. When you shut down the NAVI screen, you've got no clock.

2) DEAD PEDAL. Need more room for my left foot. Sometimes I find myself looking for a comfortable position for my left foot.

3) CLIMATE CONTROLS IN NAVI SCREEN. All climate controls should be isolated and seperate from NAVI screen. And, the temperature readout should not be where I'm always looking for the clock/time to be.

4) WATERSTREAK DOWN SIDE MIRRORS. For some reason, when my cars been washed, minutes/hours later, there is annoying, highly visible white waterstreak going down from the side mirrors. Having a Black MDX doesn't help matters, but I'm sure anyone with a darker color MDX has found this annoying, there's even a thread somewhere where fellow MDX'ers are trying to figure out the problem.

5) SOUND INSULATION. Need more of it. A tad too much wind and road noise for a 40K luxury vehicle.

6) MORE INTERIOR PERSONALITY. I own a '99 Honda Accord EX, and the overall dash is uncannily/disturbingly similar. If you don't believe me, sit in one. Positions of Tach, Speedo, Gas Gauge, Temp. are exactly the same, though the red hands vs. orange hands is a nice touch. The switches for the fog lights, cruise on/off button and sunroof are exactly the same, even the way they look and feel. The general shape of the center console (NAVI screen/radio) is the same. When I pay twice as much for one vehicle over another, there should be a greater difference in details. But, then again, it just goes to show what a great vehicle the Accord is.

6) HAND BRAKE. I hate foot brakes, and so do car magazines. If you have to have a foot brake, at least have a pull lever to release it instead of having to have to push it back down which is awkward.

7) REAR WINDOW. It should open seperately from the rear door.

8) MOVING PEDALS. (minor) I have short legs and a taller torso, so my legs are like a 1/2" too short for that perfect fit. I have a lead foot, so it'd be nice to be able to accelerate hard without having to stretch. Perhaps a steering column that goes in and out would solve the trick as well.

9) REAR HEADREST HOLDERS. If you're gonna have them, make them real. All they are, are holes, and the headrests just bounce around (which has explained other owner's rear thud noises) and usually slide out. They are a joke, they should hold the headrests firmly.

10) LUMBAR SUPPORT. Should be a little more firm, it caves in a little when I put my back into it.

11) FIX THE DAMN FIRST YEAR GLITCHES. I paid $40k+ for my baby, and just because it's a first year model, it should have avoided common first year problems that I noticed within days of owning the vehicle (the now famous THUD from the front of the vehicle involving loose bushings, etc.). But, it is also the dealer's fault, considering they were supposed to have a PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection). But, then again, how were they to know it would come straight from Canada with problems (My dealer's service department has actually been first rate).

Acura, if you're listening, please hire me and the other nice folks in this discussion the next time you make or redesign a vehicle! You guys would avoid some of these real world problems/concerns. (In case you seriously consider that, you can track me down with my VIN# 508535, I'm in San Diego:)

PS - Overall, the MDX is still the best SUV on the planet IMHO! I guess you had to leave room for some improvement.

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The only thing that I don't like about this car is the brake pedal. I always kick the brake pedal right when I after I sit down. I mean left foot always kicks it. Then I would check to see if the brake pedal is down or not. Any one have the same problem???

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only one problem

The only problem I have with the MDX is that the sun visor is so big that when I put it down to block glare, I can't see the road. I end up not using it and rely on sunglasses and squinting. Anyone else think the sun visor is too big?

(I have a black MDX with touring/navi)

Looks too much like a Honda Accord

The overall look and feel of the car reminds me of the Honda Accord that I used to own. There is nothing wrong with a Honda but the MDX costs almost $40000. It lacks the luxury "feel" of other SUVs I have seen in this market. I canceled my order once I saw an Granite Green touring at a dealer. Disappointing.

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First impression annoyances

In general, I am so-far (4 days in) very happy with my MDX. Handles more
like a sedan than an SUV has any right to, peppy, incredibly smooth
transmission, etc. I have a Mahogany + Navi without Tourting MDX.

However, there are some things that have already started to annoy me. Some have
been mentioned before, but repetition brings...what? Anyway:

1) No clock unless you have the Navi system on. What kind of bonehead
decision was this? Put a $2 clock somewhere else that I can see without
running the Navi system. I can't be the only person who continually refers
to the clock when driving.

2) Get the climate controls out of the Navi system window, too. And I find
it annoying I have to cycle the fan through mega-blast to turn it down a

3) Why do we have to suffer with a foot break? I haven't had a car with a foot
break in years. As a result, I am continually forgetting to set it, or else
start to move before releasing it. OK, maybe this one just shows my
incompetency. I guess. What next? Go back to "three on the tree" as well?

4) There's a blind spot in the rear right (passenger) side that you could drive
a truck through.

5) I bought the winter weather floor mats to protect my (Boston) car's floors
during the snowy/wet season. That's what they're made for. So why doesn't
the driver's mat protect the area around the dead foot peddle? That area is
already starting to show dirt/wear, and it's not protected by either winter mat
or the original mat.

6) Sound system is pretty mediocre. I'd be hard pressed to say it sounds as good
as the one that was in my '91 Accord. Yeah, sure, I could get a "better"
system with the Touring package. But from what I've read, even that one
isn't all that great. And on a luxury car/SUV, the sound system should be better.

7) That funky drop-from-the-ceiling combo lap/shoulder belt for the center seat, 2nd row is
VERY inconvenient for child seats. Why not provide aseparate lap belt for that seat

8) The windshield washer spray for the rear window is poorly designed. You get
a very focused single stream that jets up to the top of the window. I find that
this doesn't do a great job when trying to clean that window.

9) Re: The Navi system. A) How come I can't manually remove a location from the
"recent locations" menu?; B) If I want to set a location based on a map position
I have to move the cursor before it'll let me save the "current" position. That is,
if I drive somewhere and decide I'd like to save exactly where I am now, I first
have to move the cursor away from where I am, then try to move it back to
where it stared before I can save the position. Hmmph. C) Also, I would like to
be able to enter the name of the current position. And how about allowing
us to designate certain "recent locations" to be saved "permanently" (not
get shunted off the list when 20 have been entered). D) It would be very useful
to be able to enter somewhere that, until otherwise noted, all searches are to
be performed for a particular state. It is not very useful if I try to enter a
business name and get a list that includes businesses with the same name
across the country.


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Happy customer anyway

I would like to have heated seats for the 2nd row. Already got complaints from friends on those cold leather seats in the winter.

I would like the ON/OFF switch to allow the driver to have full control on all windows with the OFF position. I was fighting with the kids this week-end when they were opening their windows while I was trying to close them. It was hard for me to finally win on them... :)

Like most of us would say, a better spray for the rear window windshield washer.

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RE: * The front bumper is too thick compared to the light. The MDX looks like it has a thick round chin (Kind of like Jay Lenno :). It needs more definition in the bumper below the lights.
I just read in the MDX bucklet, that the low profile of the front is designed to match the height of an average sedan to help avoid in head-to-head collisions a car driver being rammed by a higher profile (or more agressive front)! Although, when this happens at the speeds higher than 10 mph I highly doubt it would matter to the other car's driver anyways! B:)

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During the read show at the auto expos before the release, the head MDX designed was saying that the look they were trying to achieve in the front was the presence of a Rhinoceros. No kidding!

I think they achieved it.


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Echo most of the above sentiments.

DeadPedal is terrible. REALLY need to address driver's seat legroom for drivers over 6'2"

Fan controls should be on a separate ROTARY knob separate from the NAV screen.

Wind noise is too high.

Better stereo. It needs a few more speakers, and needs better "separation" left/right. Bass is washed out. Even with the touring stereo.

Roll-down window in the tailgate would be cool.

odd placement of cruise control and moonroof buttons.

Stearing wheel buttons should be backlit. At night, you can't tell what button does what (you do learn, but it could be better).

Remote that opens all windows.

BTW - There are cupholders in the door pockets for middle-row passengers, but if you put a soda can in there, and open/close the door, it splashes all over the place.

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No Clock? xcept on NAV System?

I was speaking to the Acura Dealer and they said that the clock in the bottom corner of the NAV screen is always on, even if the NAV system is shut off, is that true?

For the second row middle seat, can you use the tethers for a child seat instead of the seatbelt?

My Black on Black touring/Navi is due on Monday, I can't wait.


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Child Seat

You still need to use the seat belt for your child seat!!!
The tether strap is just an additional safety feature, holding the seat from the top while the seat belt holds the bottom.


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DBastian asked:

I was speaking to the Acura Dealer and they said that the clock in the bottom corner of the NAV screen is always on, even if the NAV system is shut off, is that true?

If you select "Shut Down" to completely shut down the Nav system - then you lose the clock. Why you'd want to shut down the Nav completely... I don't know why..???

If you don't enable the Nav system, the system turns on a screen saver with the clock in the lower right hand corner of the screen. If you touch on the clock, it will display the clock in a large font in the middle of the screen on a starlight background.


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i was at the car show this weekend and was excited to check out the acura TL-S, CL-S, RL, and especially MDX.

* liked everything from the MDX and others EXCEPT for the V- shape errow-pointed nose.

* everyone at the show comment was that the front looked like cheap Pontiac van.

* come on acura designer, PLEASE change the front the 2002 model since that is when i am in a market for one.

* also, add autolock, vehicle skid control with traction control (from acura RL model), one-touch autodown all windows, more color options, one-touch sunroof open,

thank you.

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Excuse me, but the pointed arrow-like nose is Acura's signature. It's not only present on the MDX but on the RL, TL, and CL as well. It just so happen that the MDX's nose is at a higher position than the cars, which make it obvious and prominent.

Nobody's forcing you to get the MDX anyway!


2001 Granite Green MDX
Side Steps
Roof Rack
Tailgate Deflector
Moonroof Visor
Rear Splash Guards

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The Bose radio is fine, volume wise, in the winter with the windows closed, but I have feeling that with the windows open there isn't going to be anywhere near enough power to overcome the outside noise. If I turn it up just a little louder it begins to distort. Needs more power!

Could also use some speakers facing forward. I don't really notice much sound from behind only in front of me. From the front seat I never hear anything out of the Twidler (8th speaker).
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