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What do I do??? Help?

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Alright after calling my salesperson at the dealer where I am primarly thinking of aquiring my MDX from, assured me that a B/B will come in mid April, i thought fine. Today I had 2!!! dealers call me saying they can get me the one I want B/B T/N. In 1-2 weeks. They got the build date today.

Here's the dilema one I dealer I know does add the 'extras' meaning crap like eviromental protection, paint protection.

another place called saying they could have the car with the options I want but a couple of other things, what I dont know I have to call tomorow.

I dont know the prices of these two.

the dealer I am primaly working with is gonna sell it to me at sticker ( yea? I think) and tax and only the accesories I want. But thats the one that told me maybe mid april.

looks like I have alot of calls to do tomorow.

Any advise for my call tomorow?
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Thanks i just don't want to drop the ball and try to get the "best"deal and find out they sold them. So the primary dealer gave me a price of 43,692 this price includes some accerories my wife wants on the car NOW, side step and rear guards. Also this price includes the taxes, license fee, luxo tax. though I barter on the price for the accesories saying I CAN get them at a better price ( hondacuraworld).

What should I tell the other 2 dealers pricewise.
Thanks I keep all updated as to what happens.
Thanks to all!!!

I was able to get a build date from my primary choice dealer, april 10th so appox april 15th the X should be here!!!

The other two would not budge on the "extra" claiming that all Xs come in like that. pfftttt!
Sure I would get the X sooner but with options I dont want.
Its time to ring up Tim :)

Thanks to all again!
Zoikes I was ready to join the HID group but I am a little wary about all that is happening. I'll think I wait to see how it pans out, thanks.
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