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What did you do to your 4G MDX today?

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Almost every car forum has this thread, I searched and didn't see one so here we go!

Usually this type of thread serves as the town square of the model forum.

Today I got my Type S back from ceramic coating, tint and xpel installation.

  • 35% legal MA tint on the drivers windows
  • Air 80 on the full windshield, sunroof and all other windows
  • Xpel Ultimate on the full front bumper, headlights, mirror caps, and B/C pillars
  • Ceramic Pro coating on the entire car, wheels, interior carpet and leather.
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Land vehicle

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light

Vehicle registration plate Wheel Tire Vehicle Plant

Other mods that I have done:
  • Black chrome A and MDX badges
  • Type S side and rear de-badge
  • Black vinyl over the passenger airbag light
  • JB4 tuner
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Picked up my MDX A-Spec today in Liquid Carbon Metallic & the black interior. Loving it so far!
I did notice here in Canada the A-spec gets a lot more options than than the US version:
Heated Steering Wheel
Heated Rear Seats
Heated windshield
Heated wipers
Remote start built in on the key fob
Walk away tail gate

Overall I find the seats are so comfortable! I came from a 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe and this is leaps & bounds better.
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Installed Wellvisors. Makes the car look good and can partially roll down windows without all the wind noise.

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Installed PRL charge pipes. Pass side was super easy. Driver side lower was a PITA. I ended up taking splash shield off bottom and getting the bolt for the clamp off from below. Havent driven it yet so don't know if I will "feel" a difference

Dude I ordered my Charge pipes a month ago and haven’t received. I’ll hit you up when they ship!!!
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