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What color pin stripe for GG???

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I am not much into pin stripes, but the main driver of the MDX
says she would like to have a stripe on it, so for those of you
who have striped your "Chameleon X", what color did you use?
It seems as if most striped cars have a stripe which matches the
interior of the vehicle, but I am not sure black is the best option.
Also, how many of you have the BSMs and pin stripes?
Opinions please..
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I think I'd go with black. I'm not sure if any other color would look right.

I just had the dealer add a gold stripe (free!) to my base white/saddle MDX and was pleasantly surprised at how it improved the look. I thought about black (since it would match the tires, windows, etc.), but like how the gold stripe 'hints' of what's inside.

Just my 2 cents.
Don't do it! (Unless you're a very old person, in which case, I guess you have to, because it appears to be the law.)

If you absolutely have to, I agree with Prescott -- only black would work on GG.

Thanks for the advice...

ZroDfx: How old is "very old"???.. :confused: :confused:

MrPrescott: Thanks for your 2 cents. Pretty valuable to me... I
think you picked the perfect colored pin stripe for your vehicle...
I really have mixed emotions about the stripe......
If you really have to, go with silver or chrome. It will surely match the outer trims, door handles, and wheels.
How old is old? I had our X pin striped and it looks great. I have BSM too. Silver color so I had the shop add some silver paint to black and ended up with a charcoal gray stripe. DO IT I did the tail gate as well.
I asked the dealer to put on strips with Saddle color for my '02 MesaBeige MDX. Looks great.
My 2 Cents

IMHO the MDX looks much better without BSM and Pinstripes
That's what makes the world go round. If everybody had the same opinion on what looked best it would be a pretty boring world.

Did you stripe the tail gate?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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