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West coast dealer recommendation?

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OK, I'm ready to put down a deposit. I live in the Bay Area, and from what I'm reading here the dealer situation is pretty bleak regarding finding an '02 (Mahogany + Touring + Nav) at MSRP within a few months. Can anyone suggest what dealer on the west coast would be good to work with? A dealer in San Diego claimed about a one month wait on that particular configuration (there was one other person on the waiting list for that combo), but the dealer didn't get good comments here...

Also, is there a problem buying a car outside California and bringing it in?


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Bill, I have sold several MDX's toCalifornia residents, The MDX is a 50 state vehicle, it's right on the sticker.
Up here in Oregon, they send the MSO to your local License agency in California that you do business with, it takes about two weeks. Then you go in and pay your taxes and Licensing fees.

I do have that MDX with a build date of 11/16, unfortunately our dealership is 2k over. But there may be other dealerships with about the same build date as they tend to paint in batches.
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