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West coast dealer recommendation?

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OK, I'm ready to put down a deposit. I live in the Bay Area, and from what I'm reading here the dealer situation is pretty bleak regarding finding an '02 (Mahogany + Touring + Nav) at MSRP within a few months. Can anyone suggest what dealer on the west coast would be good to work with? A dealer in San Diego claimed about a one month wait on that particular configuration (there was one other person on the waiting list for that combo), but the dealer didn't get good comments here...

Also, is there a problem buying a car outside California and bringing it in?


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This is great information regarding pricing and wait time - thanks! I'd definitely be willing to fly almost anywhere to pick up the car, but what are the laws regarding bringing a car into California? My understanding is you can't bring a new car in from out-of-state, it has to be 90 days old or have 3000 miles (which might mean I have to drive from the east coast!)

OK, a bit of web surfing brought up the following information:

If you are a resident of California
and buy or acquire a new car, truck or
motorcycle in another state, it must be
"California Certified" to meet
California emission laws. To find out whether a car or truck
is California certified, check the
emission control label under the hood
in the engine compartment. If the
vehicle is "California certified," this
label will state that the vehicle conforms
to California regulations or that
it is legal for sale in California.

So, can someone outside of California check under their hood and see if the MDX is California certified?

And, does anyone know whether there are other considerations in buying a car out of state?
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1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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