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West coast dealer recommendation?

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OK, I'm ready to put down a deposit. I live in the Bay Area, and from what I'm reading here the dealer situation is pretty bleak regarding finding an '02 (Mahogany + Touring + Nav) at MSRP within a few months. Can anyone suggest what dealer on the west coast would be good to work with? A dealer in San Diego claimed about a one month wait on that particular configuration (there was one other person on the waiting list for that combo), but the dealer didn't get good comments here...

Also, is there a problem buying a car outside California and bringing it in?


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Re: West Coast Dealer--Niello in Sacramento

dodell said:
Because of the excellent buying experience I had purchasing my MDX from Niello Acura in Sacramento, I would recommend them for anyone in the California area. We live in northern Nevada and the only Nevada Acura dealer is in Las Vegas---450 miles away. We did fly to Falconi's but were spooked away by the additional dealer markup and forced options.

26 October 2001---Don Odell
I agree that Niello charges only MSRP, no force option. If you do order options, they only ask for Acura website price. The wait line is reasonable.
GCK said:
Here is what I found:

1. Hopkins Acura: MSRP. Wait is almost 10 months
2. Prestige Acura: MSRP. Long wait
3. Sunnyvale Acura: MSRP +2000 - 3 Months
4. Los Gatos Acura: MSRP +2000 - 3 Months
5. Stevens Creek Acura: MSRP + 1185 forced options, Wait about 2 months.
6. Acura of Concord: MSRP + 893 forced options: Wait is 3 months.
7. Acura of Pleasanton: MSRP + $4500 worth of options --- SURPRISE - No waits!
8. Butts Acura: MSRP - 6 Months wait.
14. Mike Harvey Acura: MSRP + 2500 - Wait is None!
15. Solano Acura: MSRP +3K Accessories - No Wait.

This is what I gathered. I might not be accurate on some of them. Your wait might actually depend on the color. Good Luck!
That is a pretty good summary on dealers in the Bay Area. However, you still can bargain on over-priced options. If you are willing to wait for one to two months, then you should not have to pay for more than the standard price quoted on ACura website.

With the current economy, dealers know that they are getting less customers than 2001 and some cusomers are cancelling the order. Another factor is that, once Alabama plant is up in production, supply of MDX will go higher.
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